Pray to St Michael

The prayer to St Michael seems especially relevant today.

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  • Imelda

    He is such a consoling figure.
    When I was in Manila, I was robbed in a cab by three men. They looked through my purse and wallet where I kept a little prayer card to St. Michael. I was delivered safely from that ordeal with nary an injury. There was more – the holduppers did not take away my ATM card which was in one of the wallet pockets. It might be that it was hidden by the St. Michael prayer card. Yet I knew that St. Michael was protecting me that day.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I’ve been attacked a lot for my faith as a result of being a public Catholic. One thing that has gotten me through is praying the Rosary daily and including a prayer to St Michael with that. He will bind Satan and his demons, if you ask him.

  • Teresa Rice

    This is one of my favorite prayers.

  • Bill S

    It’s things like this that just confirm that I will never be able to accept the Catholic faith again. I have a vial of St. Raphael’s oil in my medicine cabinet. My wife has pictures of Padre Pio and St. Anthony in the kitchen. (Padre Pio is my great-grandmother’s first cousin.) There are just so many things to believe without a shred of evidence. What’s a poor atheist to do?