Pro-Life Advocates Urge GOP to Stay the Course on Pro-Life

Pro-life advocates are asking the Republicans to stand strong on their party’s pro life position. Here’s hoping they listen.

So far as I’m concerned the recent comments from various Republican leaders are just them, going public, with what they’ve been doing in private for quite some time. As an elected official, I see these things before they go public. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it until I don’t think it’s true. Many of the money people who really run the Republican Party are pro choice.

I believe we are seeing a public manifestation of that in these comments from Republican leaders that the party should stand down on its pro life position. More on this Republican post-election soul-searching here.

CNA recently published an article concerning the steps pro life advocates are taking to try to persuade the party to stay the course on pro life. It reads in part:

Sen. John McCain speaks Sept. 24, 2012 on campaign finance at USC’s Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy. Credit: Rosa Trieu-Neon Tommy (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Washington D.C., Dec 3, 2012 / 04:20 pm (CNA).- Top pro-life advocates are calling on the Republican Party to maintain its pro-life stance despite calls from some to back off from the position in the wake of the presidential election.

“A real soldier doesn’t stay on the defensive,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, which works to promote pro-life candidates and policies. “You go out and state your best case.”

“The folks that have taken the stand on this issue have taken it because we’re talking about defending vulnerable human life,” she told CNA on Nov. 30. “If it’s not about that, it’s not about anything.”

Dannenfelser was one of several pro-life leaders who responded to suggestions by some Republicans, including Arizona senator John McCain, that the GOP should drop or mitigate its pro-life stance in order to broaden its appeal after losing the presidential election.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” on Nov. 25, the senator – who unsuccessfully ran for president against Barack Obama in 2008 – suggested that while “I can state my position on abortion,” Republicans should “other than that, leave the issue alone when we are in the kind of economic situation and, frankly, national security situation that we’re in.”

When asked by host Chris Wallace whether his suggestion to “leave the issue alone” meant allowing “freedom of choice” to abort, McCain responded, “I would allow people to have those opinions and respect those opinions.”

(Read more here.)

  • Peg

    I think you are right about these leaders and at least we know where they stand. If the Republicans could be completely prolife in all areas and frame it more holistically they could have enlarged their tent and swept the elections. Elitism and corporatism are the national parties agenda- frankly I am surprised they for the numbers they did. You can’t be for the one percent and disdain 47 percent of the country and expect to win

    I agree with the latter part of the article that it will take a cultural movement to transform the culture. I think we should look to the civil rights movement for pointers.

    And you must write those books. You will definitely be in my prayers this advent. I found this blog around the time of the DNC. I was shocked at what I saw and googles prolife democrat just to see if such a thing existed anymore and if I might find kindred spirits as I do not like the R party, Your extinct blog came up and I was slowly hooked. So grateful to find this and have shared it often. Thanks for your wisdom, wit, well researched and fine writing.

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  • Bob Seidensticker

    “Pro life” meaning that you counsel people to avoid abortions is one thing. Imposing that belief on others by making abortions illegal or impractical is quite another, and this is what the Republicans are getting slammed for.

    I think it’s an important distinction. Staying faithful to what what you believe and not bowing to the changing winds of political polls is one thing. Demanding that everyone else abide by your rules is quite another, and this is something that you might want to consider dropping.

    Spectrum Argument

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