The Popular View of Marriage. Agree? Disagree?

This is the popular view of marriage.

Do you agree with it?

Or do you disagree?

  • Sus

    I don’t agree with this but I have a good marriage and have it pretty easy because I don’t have a job outside. There aren’t nearly the stay-at-home moms as there used to be.
    You start the day in morning madness getting everyone ready for daycare/school/work. You spend the day working and then the late afternoon madness starts with pickups. You get home for dinner, homework and bedtime madness. Weekends are spent catching up on everything else that doesn’t fit into the madness.
    That scenario isn’t very attractive.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I know. I stayed home with my kids, which was a great financial sacrifice for all of us, but also an investment in our children which is paying off now. I did have a part-time job where I worked 3 days/week for about nine months. Even that was very hard, mainly, I think, because, since I was working part-time, no one thought I was working at all so I got no help.

      I did find that, as you say, it’s a real rat race, getting everyone off, then coming home to the second shift. I’ve noticed that people are sooooo tired these days. And those are the ones who can actually support their families with two jobs. I know people who have to each have two or three jobs, just to make ends meet. And they aren’t living large.

  • Ted Seeber

    I find the modern (post 1700) view of marriage to be largely a novel experiment that failed.