Bill Maher, Prophecy Fulfiller or Just Another Atheist Crank in Love With Death?

Bill Maher, the aggressive atheist/talk show host, managed to fulfill a prophecy a few months ago.

Even though I doubt very much that this was his intention when he gave this interview, he comes pretty close.

Mr Maher says (jokingly) I love death. Then he goes on to list all the real-world ways that he really does support the Culture of Death.

Proverbs 8 says “Those who hate me, love death.”

That verse may be more of a direct assessment than a prophecy. Mr Maher may not have been entirely serious when he characterized himself as a death lover. But considering his consistent support for legalized murder in any form, it seems like an “if the shoe fits” deal. The shoe does indeed seem to fit. The only death he doesn’t appear to “love” is his own.

One of the points the commenter makes is that there are very few people who are both pro choice and in favor of the death penalty. People have said similar things to me, only in reverse. Mr Maher and I are somewhat mirror images of one another, at least on a few matters. He is an aggressive atheist. I am a Christian and a Catholic. He favors abortion on demand. I am pro life. He favors the death penalty. I oppose it.

Unlike Mr Maher, I don’t fulfill any prophecies, unless you want to include me among those from many nations who will follow Him.

Listen to this YouTube video (it’s a radio broadcast) and see if you think Mr Maher is a prophecy fulfiller, or just another atheist crank attacking the sanctity of human life.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • John Kaiser

    Hey Rebecca , I just wanted to let you know that not all atheist are like Bill Maher. I myself am a pro life and anti-death penalty atheist. Not because some dude in the sky told me to, but because it, for me, is the most rational position. But ironically I am pro-euthanasia (under the most humane circomstaces, of course).

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      John, you are still deciding that some people’s lives are not worth living and that we should legalize killing them. In this case, what you are advocating is legalizing medical murder, which would turn our doctors into our executioners. People, left to their own devices, will always single out some group of innocent people they feel it’s alright, “compassionate” and “necessary” to kill.

    • Fabio P.Barbieri

      What is more, think of the real world and the real people in it. Do you think that you can design legal protections against euthanasia except for extreme cases that would not be overturned? In real human life, leaving a single avenue open to any dubious enterprise means ultimately allowing it. The only way to prevent it is to prevent it in all cases. Or else you will soon see “clinics” such as those in Switzerland, killing people for money.

    • Sarah Ryan

      I’m an atheist and I’m pro-life, against the death penalty and against euthanasia (I think we should focus on better pain relief and improving end-of-life-care).

      I’ve never even heard of Bill Maher until today, not being American, and he certainly doesn’t speak for me. Atheists, just like Christians, have a wide range of opinions on every topic except the existence of God.

      The less we stereotype each other the more likely we can live together in peace and harmony.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Ironic ally, Christians center their religion around an application of the death penalty. They also seems to be fans of cannibalism.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I rest my case about atheist cranks.