Name That Bird

Add a caption to this photo. 

  • Marcelle Bartolo-Abela

    Boo! I’m coming at you! Can I borrow your pic for fb and pinterest? Love it.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Good caption! Sure. Use it.

      • Marcelle Bartolo-Abela


  • T

    “Staring Contest!” lol this made me think of my brother and I when we were little having staring contests :)

    • Rebecca Hamilton


  • Imelda

    “You are falling asleep. You will do as I say.” :-)

  • Peg

    “owl C U later”. More like breakfast probably.

    Awesome shot luv raptors…is it an eagle owl..long eared owl?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      It looks like an owl to me. But I’m not a bird expert.

      Great caption, btw. :-)

  • Kathleen