Nuns Object to Strip Club Next to Convent

I have sometimes wondered if city planners are trying to destroy the cities they serve.

Here in my neck of the woods we’ve had to fight the city’s plans to put everything from dumps to strip clubs in quiet family neighborhoods. We usually lose.

Resident’s only learn of the plans after the wheels have been greased, so to speak. When they try to protest, they are forced to take off work, go downtown, pay parking, and then sit through all-day waits to testify before bored commission members who obviously have already made up their minds.

What usually happens after that is that the commission ignores their protests and votes to go ahead with their bad idea. The citizens then go home to live with the disastrous effects this decision has on their neighborhoods, homes, families and lives.

Before too many years, the same commissioners who voted to destroy the neighborhood are asking for a bond issue so they can “rebuild” it. They decry the strip clubs, street walkers, drugs, gangs and run-down buildings as if they were dropped in by a big bird instead of being invited, supported and forced into these neighborhoods by their own actions.

Guess who makes money from these bond issues? Why the people who own the construction companies that do business with the commissioners.

And we wonder why American cities are in such chaos.

Remember those posts I’ve written exhorting Christians to be honest and do a good job at their work? Well, that applies to people who sit on planning commissions and city councils, too.

A case in point is a recent action by the village officials in Stone Park, Il. These officials have decided that good city planning requires that they allow a strip club to go into business less than two feet from the property line of the convent of the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo Scalabrinians.

It seems that the strip club would be next to the retirement home for elderly sisters and the building that houses the formation house for novices and the provincial offices. The nuns, not surprisingly, object.

The EWTN News story about this new strip club says in part:

Bishop Scalabrini Community of the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo Scalabrinians in Melrose Park, IL

Religious sisters in Stone Park, Ill. are fighting the opening of a new strip club near their convent, saying the business is contrary to their Christian work and undermines the neighborhood.

“It’s built right next to our premises, about 400 feet away. It is against our Christian principles,” Sr. Madonna Daltoe, treasurer of the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo Scalabrinians, told EWTN News Feb. 9.

“This new structure has gone up already behind us,” she added. “We do not need to add any more to the village’s social problems. They have enough of these sorts of places, I would say, and we do not want any more. It is not helping the neighborhood.”

The sisters work with poor migrants in their area and provide evangelization outreach as well.

They have objected to Stone Park village officials’ approval of the strip club, which will have partially nude performers and alcohol, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The group questions whether village officials properly followed the rules during the approval process for the club. Its green-walled metallic structure may have been built too close to the sisters’ property, less than two feet from their fence line.

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For more, see: Strip Club Owner to Nuns: Don’t Impose Your Religious Beliefs on Me

  • Will

    I wonder what my libertarian congressman would think.

  • neenergyobserver

    I’m pretty much on the libertarian side of the fence ref. zoning, not least because it gives government the power to do stupid stuff like this, it can’t be the best location for this business anyway, I wouldn’t think. And corruption in the system is very widespread as well.

    • Dan Berger

      Not so much. A town down the road from where I live once voted zoning down. Within six months they had an “adult” bookstore right on the outskirts; they were located on the freeway, right next to a truck stop, you see.

  • FW Ken

    They tried to drill gas wells 700 feet from my house, in the middle of town. One house with little kids would have been less than 300 ft. They also lied to us, telling us they would be drilling 3 holes, then we found out it would be 18 holes. It took the city council to stop this nonsense. They had fashioned a common sense approach to drilling gas wells in the city, and with the encouragement of 400 angry citizens, they stuck to the plan.

    Sometimes common sense wins the day.

  • Imelda

    The title alone made me upset! Sigh. Have people lost all their sense of propriety and common sense at the very least?

  • Sus

    IF I were to patronize a strip club, I think I’d pick one that wasn’t next door to a convent. I asked my husband about this. He refused to answer as it sounded like a trick question to him!

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  • Kathie Evenhouse

    There are so many angles to this story, but this one–although hard–appealed to me. What an opportunity to shine God’s light where it is really needed. How could this unwanted opportunity be used to show love, grace, and truth?

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