Strip Club Owner to Nuns: Don’t Impose Your Religious Beliefs on Me

The strip club and the nuns story has gone on for a while and it appears it will continue.

Thanks to the city government of Stone Park, Il, the community of the Missionary Sisters of St Charles Boromeo Scalabrinians now have a strip club two feet from their property.

As we all know, the current reply to any request for official consideration or civil rights for Christians is to tell them to “stop putting their religious bigotry on other people.” We are told to keep our faith at home, to practice it at church and then to keep our mouths shut everywhere else.

The owner of the strip club is no exception to this charming behavior. His advice to the sisters? Keep your religion to yourselves, and oh, by the way, I pay taxes and you don’t.

Of course, none of this addresses the question of why the strip club owner wanted to put his “business” next to a convent in the first place. It also doesn’t address why the city planning commission went along with it. Stone Park’s mayor claims that the process was legal, but that does not in any way explain why this permit to build was approved.

We have a whole town, called Valley Brook, here in Oklahoma that some people believe makes its revenue from prostitution under the guise of strip clubs.

Why do elected officials deliberately corrupt and degrade the cities they are supposed to be working to build and govern? What would motivate them to turn their statutes into open doors for the lowest kind of commerce? Why would anyone think that putting these kinds of things into neighborhoods and next to convents is a good idea?

We’ve had to pass laws at the state level here in Oklahoma to keep them from putting these places across the street from grade schools. The upward-looking elected officials in Valley Brook must have used a measuring tape to make sure they built their school as close to the strip joints as they could without going over the line.

It’s an interesting world we live in where elected officials work to further the interests of the lowest common denominator in their society. It’s an even more interesting world when people who degrade and sell women as if they were chattel can lecture a group of nuns and tell them their viewpoints are unworthy because they are Christians.

I would call that world soul-sick and depraved. But then, I’m used to being told to keep my faith at home where it belongs. It no longer bothers me.

The Chicago Sun-Times article describing this situation says in part: (emphasis mine)

Proposed strip club to nuns: Don’t impose your religious beliefs on us

The owner of a soon-to-be-built strip club in the western suburb of Stone Park has this to say to a group of neighboring nuns who don’t like his plans: Mind your own business.

“As a legal, tax-paying citizen of this community, we ask only to be judged fairly by what we have done and not through the recent religious fervor,” Bob Itzkow, the club’s owner, said in statement released Friday. “In reference to our non-tax-paying neighbors, we ask that you treat us as we have treated you, by not trying to unduly disturb us by imposing your religious beliefs on us or others. All throughout our plans for this project, we’ve followed the letter and spirit of the law.”

The Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo, who occupy the property next to the club, have moral objections to the project and have raised questions about whether the rules were followed properly by Stone Park officials during the 2010 approval process.(Read more here.)

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  • neenergyobserver

    I think the term ‘lowest common denominator’ says it all, in all these cases. I don’t know if there is an equitable solution at this point, but I down believe the Mayor and planning (so-called) commission have some explaining to do. If I were a resident, I would be seriously considering finding some more appropriate employees but, that’s just me.

  • Jessica Hoff

    We were warned by Christ Himself of these days. Where there are no standards, no morals then there is only Mammon. So, these people worship him, and they cannot, or will not, understand those who stand against them. There are many forms of corruption, and this case includes many of them.

  • Manny

    The whole friggin world has turned up side down. It’s not a matter of religion. It’s common decency. Strip clubs should not be anywhere near anyone residential. There was a time the club owner would never have thought of making such an argument. There was a time when zoning would have prevented scum like that from establishing his place in a decent area.

    • Will

      That’s your idea of common decency. I would prefer a strip club to a convent. You can call people who work at strip clubs “scum” if you want to, but all that does is reinforce that you’re angry. Your anger is irrelevant; you have exactly the same say as the rest of us, and fewer people than you think agree with your concept of “common decency.”

      • Manny

        You must be a frequent visitor to these strip clubs. Well, someday I guess you’ll grow up. Taking one’s clothes off just so people like you can get an erection is still not common decency. But I admit the scum are winning the culture war.

  • Sheri

    While I agree that zoning bylaws should have prevented this, I have to wonder why anyone would want to put a strip club next to a convent. I can’t imagine that seeing nuns will make anyone want to go to a strip club; if anything it’s bad for business. If you want the most business, you locate where the demand for a strip club would be highest, such as industrial areas where there are a lot of men working or near bars. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Will

      Perhaps the convent is on the border of an industrial or commercial area? There was a convent across the street from my high school, which was otherwise in an industrial, working-class area.

  • Theresa Stutz

    If all legal means become exhausted and that business moves in, the Sisters may have no choice!…Then maybe the good sisters can and should dig in deep, and fight fire with fire! They should be sure to make the “business” of God is as apparent as the evil business is. Who knows, maybe they will actually be of an even greater Spiritual influence, by being in that location! Their living witness to purity may be the only one the male sex addicts may have ever encountered! Perhaps staying very visible will aid in the conversions of many of these poor broken women as well! Even if that strategy won’t work, and they need to move etc….Then God must be working a mystery that will be revealed later. Regardless of the out-come God is up to something here!

    • Will

      What is this “fire” that they’re fighting against? A legally incorporated business that has every right to be there? The horror! What “fire” do you propose they use to fight it “if all legal means become exhausted,” as you put it. The nuns depend on charity to pay their salaries, but they’re against establishing businesses where people actually work to earn money, not to mention pay taxes to support the community. I would rather a strip club move in to my neighborhood than a convent.

  • Kelly

    If the covenant cannot accept that they have no special status under the law perhaps they should move. And no, “we were here first” is not a valid response to attempting to harass a legal business because you don’t like them.

  • FW Ken

    When our cathedral was built in the 19th century, there was a bawdy house across the street. In fact , there was a whole district known as hell’s half acre where the cowboys spent their earnings on Saturday nights.

    The cathedral is still there.

  • abb3w

    Perhaps the nuns might be less bothered if they re-read Mark 2:16-17.