The Dynamic Duo Take the Oath

Never in American history has a president and vice president formed a team like these two.

It’s … 

Tonto and the Lone Ranger

The Dude and Walter

Buzz Light Year and Woody

Chester and Marshall Dillon

All Over Again




  • Christopher Lake

    I really needed a laugh today, on the day that the most militantly pro-abortion *and* pro-gay marriage President in U.S. history is being inaugurated for his second term. I still struggle to come to terms with all that it says about America that he was actually re-elected! Thank you for helping me to laugh on a tough day.

  • FW Ken

    The interesting thing about the election is that we have never re-elected a president with the sort of economic situation we have now. Might it be a Roosevelt effect, where things aren’t as bad as they were 4 years ago, so we might as well given him another chance? And since the Republicans didn’t field a credible alternative, could that be a factor.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Ken, I think this was THE factor:

      “… since the Republicans didn’t field a credible alternative, could that be a factor.”

      • vox borealis

        That’s not a factor, it’s a tautology. The fact Obama was re-elected means that by definition the alternative was not credible, or at least not credible enough. What is stunning is that the question of credibility should even have to have been raised. A corpse should have been more credible than the current president, given his track record in the first term. That it wasn’t means that people are voting on very strange grounds.

    • Will

      I do not think the problem was Romney. Well before Romney wrapped up the nomination, and despite the economy, the President was still doing okay in the polls against the potential candidates. Issues are important even though there is a great divide. Too much I see on blogs is about hating a person.

      • Sus

        “Too much I see on blogs is about hating a person.”

        So true.

  • Manny

    I tend to think of them as Laurel and Hardy.

    I thought Romney was a very bad politician but would have made a fine actual president. He has the right skills to find solutions and balance, but had a very tin ear for the politics.

  • FW Ken

    Loathing the American president is a fine old bi-partisan tradition. My granddaddy, in whose Bible FDR had prominent mention, loathed Harry Truman. No one knew why. I couldn’t stand the first George Bush. Go figure.

    The 24 hour news cycle has made this fact more evident, but, by itself, it’s not the end of the republic.

  • Bill S

    Nixon and Agnew. That was a dynamic duo, as well. At least these two aren’t criminals.