Thousands Support Hobby Lobby!

Thousands of Christians turned out to support Hobby Lobby Saturday!

I have one thing I want to say about this: KEEP IT UP !!!

We must not stop in our support for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being attacked by our government. I plan to buy from Hobby Lobby on a regular basis. I will be there every time I need any thing that they sell. And I'll also be there when I get my paycheck each month, whether I need anything or not.

Remember: They'll know we are Christians by our love ... and by our support for our brothers and sisters who are being attacked for their faith.

Tens of Thousands Pledge Support for Hobby


Americans who back the Christian-owned company’s refusal

to comply with the HHS mandate are urged to support the

company by shopping there online or at local Hobby Lobby



Hobby Lobby, courtesy of the Becket Fund– Hobby Lobby, courtesy of the Becket Fund

WASHINGTON — More than 64,000 people throughout the U.S. signed up to support Hobby Lobby on Jan. 5 for risking millions of dollars in profit to follow its Christian principles.

Facebook page dedicated to supporting the arts-and-crafts retailer called on “all Americans who value freedom of religion and oppose the HHS mandate’s unfair impositions” to support the company on Jan. 5 by shopping at either their local Hobby Lobby store or online.

The national retailer could face fines of $1.3 million per day for following its owners’ religious beliefs, which conflict with a federal mandate requiring employers to offer health-insurance plans covering contraception — including some drugs that can cause early abortions — and sterilization.

The Christian family that owns Hobby Lobby holds moral objections to facilitating any type of abortion, including those caused by “morning after” and “week after” pills.

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  • Jim McGoodwin

    I believe that a woman’s health care and reproductive decisions are her decisions to make, not mine, not yours and certainly not some corporation’s.(Regardless of the owners’ religion.) We make Quakers pay taxes that support war and their are any number of religious beliefs that we choose not to impose on other citizens. This is a very personal, private decision that is unique to each person. That woman should have the right to consult with any medical provider for uncensored information. She should be able to consult the faith leader of her religion or none at all if she chooses not to.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Hello Jim! Nothing in what Hobby Lobby is asking would stop any woman from exercising her right to make “reproductive decisions.” The question is whether or not the owners of Hobby Lobby will be forced by the government to violate their religious beliefs by paying for it directly. As for your example of Quakers paying taxes for war, we all (including Hobby Lobby) pay taxes for substantial support for contraception right now, so your example is a non sequitur. What we don’t do in this country is force Quakers — or other conscientious objectors — to fight in our wars. That exemption for the right to conscience should be extended where abortion and abortifacients are concerned.

      • Bob Seidensticker

        I think conscientious objectors are still obliged to participate (medics, for example). They can just option out of the shooting part.

        James McGrath’s post today is pretty on target.

        We live in a country governed by the Constitution, and a secular one at that. “My religion says I have to do it this way” gets trumped by society’s laws if need be. The religion that wants to sacrifice someone, say, or wants to not hire African Americans.

        • neenergyobserver

          And that same Constitution says the government shall not interfere in religion, so the government can damn well obey it. Further, the company is theirs to do with as they will. The government needs to mind it’s OWN business.

          • Bob Seidensticker

            Uh … not exactly. As my previous examples have already made clear, religion can’t say that they like to sacrifice people. Government beats religion in this case. And if they don’t like hiring African Americans? Government wins again.

            We’re living in a republic, not a theocracy. Religion has a pretty sweet deal, but don’t push it. If 7th Day Adventists don’t like blood transfusions, can they not cover those expenses for their employees? If Christian Scientists don’t like conventional medicine at all, can they simply refuse to provide any medical care at all? If a company run by an evangelical doesn’t like porn, can he make sure that the salaries that he pays never go to buy porn?

      • Patty

        Rebecca you are right – I strongly believe that this is what separation of church and state is all about, the government is not allowed to violate our rights as Christians. Our country was founded on freedom of religion . It was put in the constitution to restrict our government in becoming like England, that would enable it’s citizens freedom of speech, religion, and the right to bear arms. BTW Our constitution is not secular, it was written by men of faith. I would like to add, that when someone demands their rights they are taking the rights away from someone else, like Hobby Lobby, they have the right to do with their business what they want. All that aside, abortion is murder period…and I applaud Hobby Lobby for standing up to for what they believe. And again I thank you Rebecca for keeping us informed of what is truly going on around us without the media bias.

  • Karyl

    Thank you for posting this. I wondered. No one had reported it, but then, I didn’t watch any news channels today. (I am so weary of governement “might happens” I just can’t watch much anymore.) It was disappointing to me that Hobby Lobby themselves did not post a thank you.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Karyl, I didn’t go Saturday. My foot is lots better, but I still can’t stand in lines or be on it for long periods. I went this afternoon and bought a few things. They said they had an ginormous crowd Saturday!!

      I can’t go back tomorrow — gotta work — but I’ll try it again later this week. I want to either get a new lamp or a room divider. Can’t afford both, at least not this month.