Why I Support Hobby Lobby

A Hobby Lobby store. Photo courtesy of the Becket Fund.

“Our goal is to be a light to the world. Not to just talk the talk, but to walk the walk.”

How do you live a balanced life, honor God and keep your family while running a successful business? This inspiring discussion by the family that founded and owns Hobby Lobby answers that question. Their business practices and their courage in the face of the HHS Mandate are inspiring.

Watch it and then go buy something at Hobby Lobby. We can’t allow the government to destroy this fine business because of the Christian convictions of its owners.

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  • http://jobowerwrites.wordpress.com Jo Randall Bower

    Anytime you do anything public, someone feels they have the right to criticize it. That goes for musicians, authors, and reaches to a business who makes their faith part of their presentation. Only now, in our times, when Christians make their faith part of their public lives, non-Christians feel threatened and not only criticize, they attack. May God give us all the courage of the owners of Hobby Lobby.

  • Theresa

    We don’t live anywhere near a Hobby Lobby, and I only heard of them after you started posting about their resistance to the HHS mandate. But I was thrilled to purchase a few things for my kids through their website!