Bomb-threatened. Torched. Hacked.

I’ve had an interesting few days.

There was a bomb threat at the Oklahoma State Capitol building last Friday. Just a threat, mind you. No bomb. It was noonish, so everybody evacuated to lunch.

We had to evacuate a committee meeting I was in this afternoon because of fire.

I got home to learn that the Patheos web site had been temporarily slam-dunked.

Bomb-threatened. Torched. Hacked.

Ain’t life a charm?

And, oh yes, sorry about the difficulties.

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  • Nick

    Only one fire? Weak! My school had two evacuations in ten minutes Monday!

    But really, glad to hear you’re okay. Definitely a crazy day :)

  • Manny

    Glad you are safe and sound.

  • FW Ken

    We had a bomb scare a couple of years ago. Not fun. May God bless your work, Rebecca. You have a hard row to how, although I guess you like it to stay with it this long.