Is China Planning to Change the One-Child Policy?

An intriguing article in the Shanghaiist speculates that perhaps China is considering revising their one-child policy.

This article is based on recommendations that came from The China Development Foundation, which is a government think tank. The recommendations include going to a two-child policy in some provinces this year and moving toward a national two-child policy by 2015.

Whether or not these recommendations will be enacted, it sounds as if they will still leave the decision of how many children a couple may have in the government’s hands. Up until now, this had led to government mandated forced abortions and other atrocities against women.

The Shanghaiist article says in part:

The China Development Research Foundation, a government think tank, has called for the immediate phasing-out of the one-child policy and for all Chinese families to be allowed two children by 2015.

Xie Meng, a press affairs official with the foundation, said the final version of the report wil be released “in a week or two.” But Chinese state media have been given advance copies. The official Xinhua News Agency said the foundation recommends a two-child policy in some provinces from this year and a nationwide two-child policy by 2015. It proposes all birth limits be dropped by 2020, Xinhua reported.”China has paid a huge political and social cost for the policy, as it has resulted in social conflict, high administrative costs and led indirectly to a long-term gender imbalance at birth,” Xinhua said, citing the report. (Read more here.)

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  • pagansister

    Lets hope they stop the policy. I have often wondered how they planned to continue to have children if indeed most of the female children were aborted or killed at birth or left to die in a trash heap. All male society won’t produce children! I taught a little girl who was found on a trash heap, taken to an orphanage, and adopted and brought to the States.

  • Bill S

    It was interesting to learn that, while we have just a handful of cities with populations over one million, China has over 500 such cities. Over 50 percent of the country’s population now live in cities and overcrowding is a real concern.

    The preference for sons over daughters and the availability of abortion has led to a serious imbalance. I can see this as a case where allowing abortion has had a negative impact. Whether it outweighs the positive impact of population control, I don’t know.

  • Imelda

    I hope they stop the policy. They are producing people who have no human connections – no aunts or uncles, brothers or sisters, cousins. What a lonely life.