The Beauty of Being a Nun

Young nuns talk about their vocations.

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  • Jessica Hoff

    Thank you for sharing this Rebecca – so moving.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Jessica. I thought so too.

  • Sister Julie

    It’s so inspiriting to see the diversity of ways that God calls us and that we respond to the calling!

  • Bill S

    I’m impressed. I had nuns in grammar school and brothers and a priest in high school. While some of them would have charges filed against them today, they did a good job of disciplining and educating us.

    I’m not keen on young women hearing a call to religious life at 12 years old. If that were my daughter, I would at least have her speak to a psychologist before pursuing her vocation any further.

    I won’t say anything else or I will be deleted.

    • Theodore Seeber

      Most religious orders and even diocese do indeed now require full psychological workups as part of being a novice- both for men and women. It is a big part of the defensive stance against clerical abuse.