And in Other News … While the Pope was Resigning, the Washington Squirrels were Chattering

I abandoned my fellow politicians for a few days and focused my heart and mind on the historic departure of Pope Benedict XVI. 

I didn’t have time to watch the events unfold on tv, but I did manage to catch a few news clips on the internet. When I saw the Holy Father, hobbling to the helicopter as he left the Vatican, and then hobbling away from it at Castle Gandolfo, it touched my soul.


Returning from that to the news out of Washington where the dissolution of our government spins along

on lies, egos and a jaw-dropping lack of concern for the welfare of this country and its people was a little like stepping out of a warm bed straight into a blizzard. What a painful return to the garbage the people we’ve entrusted with our government are spitting out.

So much madness has happened and is happening while I was pope watching that I’m going to summarize the most ugly stories to bring us up to speed. Here, for your consternation is what is going on in our nation’s capitol.

1. Sequester. They’re now calling the old “Fiscal Cliff” the “Sequester.”

Fancy name change, same old … I’m grasping for a word to describe it that isn’t vulgar or profane … same old irresponsibility. From the comments people usually make on this blog, I expect everyone to line up behind their team and blame the other guy. Not me. My days of pavlovian partisanship are long past. I’m for the USA, and I’m pretty well convinced that the R and the D are only for the R and the D.

Today, or tonight rather, we are set to go over another fiscal cliff by means of what they are now calling a sequester. What that refers to without the gloss of obscure verbiage is that a round of budget cuts will go into effect in a mindless and punishing fashion which will hurt you and me and our country. This will happen because the overgrown children in Washington care more about pushing one another around than doing the jobs we elected them to do.

I am well aware that commenters on this blog will say “What could my guys do but throw pies in the face of the other guys?” Just remember folks, those pies they are throwing are your jobs, your house payment, your future. We need to reduce the deficit, sure, but not by just taking a pair of scissors to the things that matter the most in an attempt to scare the other side into bending our way. That’s not deficit reduction, that’s playing chicken with our futures to prove who’s the manliest man in Washington DC.

2. Bob Woodward, President Obama and the utterly biased, nutso Obama press.

Bob Woodward called President Obama out for what was an obvious … searching again for a word that is not vulgar or profane … piece of political gamesmanship at the expense of the nation.

It seems President Obama went over the top in his attempts to rally the American people behind his team in the on-going Fiscal Cliff … er … Sequester games by announcing that the aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman couldn’t leave for the Persian Gulf as scheduled because, well, because the “Sequester” meant we didn’t have the money to send them.

Bob Woodward, who is not exactly a right wing stalwart, violated the Obama press rules by actually disagreeing with the President, calling his actions “a kind of madness.” In a country where the press lines up behind “their” team in these partisan battles with the same pavlovian mindlessness that our elected officials do, Bob Woodward’s comments were nothing short of lemming treason. Puppet politicians pay a price when they cut their strings, as do members of the puppet press.

I’ll bet Bob Woodward is eating lunch all by himself these days.

There you have it. The DC boys are still behaving like boys playing soldier behind their cardboard box forts in mama’s living room. The trouble for us is that it’s not mama’s living room; it’s our nation’s capitol, and those aren’t cardboard boxes; they’re the future of our country.

How sad for all of us.

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  • pagansister

    Yep, a mess is a polite way to put what is happening —-just plain frustrating. I so agree with your last paragraph!

  • Theodore Seeber

    The number 1 reason to own a gun isn’t to protect yourself from a violent government. It is to protect yourself from bank foreclosure.

  • pagansister

    What ??? Theodore?

    • Ted Seeber

      In a secular world where the government has become little more than the puppet of the banks, and where there is no freedom, it is no longer the government we have to worry about. It is the criminal organizations that will take advantage of the situation you have to worry about.

      Thus what I said. The number 1 reason to own a gun isn’t to protect yourself from a tyrannical government. There will always be somebody to pay them off, then use their laws against you.

      • pagansister

        Personally, I’m not in favor of guns.

  • Manny

    The sequester was a political ploy to push tough decisions past the election for Obama. It worked. And now we little people have to live with it. He has literally played with the fate of this country for his personal advantages. I really deplore this man. I’m glad you’re seeing it too Rebecca.

  • Bill S

    “In a secular world where the government has become little more than the puppet of the banks, and where there is no freedom,…”


    The only good government is a secular government. What alternative do you want?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Bill, there is a difference between secularism that keeps government out of religion and secularism that promotes government attacks against religion and religious belief and practice. America has, until recently had the former type of secularism and people of faith have supported it. It is not moving toward an oppressive attitude toward religion and people of faith in which unbelievers (such as you) try to use any and verbal/legal/social methods of bullying to force religious people and religious thought from the public square.

    • Ted Seeber

      I cannot describe any secular anything as “Good” when it supports murder.
      Your definition of Good is not logically valid.

      • pagansister

        We know.

  • Bill S

    “unbelievers (such as you) try to use any and verbal/legal/social methods of bullying to force religious people and religious thought from the public square.”

    Is that what I do? Your readers are not being bullied by me or anyone else unless disagreeing with someone is bullying them. Gays are bullied. Young women going into abortion clinics are bullied.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      You don’t personally bully people on this board. If you tried, I would ban you. However, Christians are bullied all the time. You would not believe the things that have happened to me because of my faith. I even had to have a bodyguard for a brief period of time. As for gays being bullied, that certainly has been true in the past. I have seen the effects of this myself. However, even that is nothing — and I mean nothing at all — the hazing, physical violence and degradation that women are subjected to and which we, as a culture take completely for granted. Also, things are getting much much better for gay people, something about which I am very glad.

      My point is that the harassment, hate language and overall nastiness directed at Christians has become ubiquitous. While you don’t engage (at least on this board) in anything like overt bullying, you certainly harass people about their beliefs 24/7. This harassment has become a social given and it many venues is quite nasty and out of control. Hate speech directed at and about Christians is also widely tolerated and practiced. This is moving quite rapidly toward legal discrimination (which you, Bill, usually jump in to defend.)

    • Ted Seeber

      55 million murders is use of force. Your side is downright genocidal in your attempt to bully people.

      If the shoe fits, wear it.