Busy Week Ahead.

I am going to be busier than anyone who has not been an elected official can imagine this next week.

I’m talking about long days that run into night of hearing bills counter-balanced with arguments, fights, anger, jostling, jangling over-stimulation that does not stop.

What that means to the readers of this blog is that I won’t be able to respond to you as quickly as some of you would like. I may very well get snappy in some of my infrequent replies, and more than likely I will make some really dunderheaded mistake.

So I apologize in advance.

And ask your forebearance.

In the meantime, let’s pray for the next pope. We need a great man to lead us through these contentious times.

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  • Dale

    Our state legislature is halfway through its two-week “funnel.” I don’t envy any of you. Facing a pressing deadline is hard enough when working with a team of persons. But facing the same deadline while simultaneously fighting with team members who have different priorities and objectives raises the stress and difficulty a full magnitude. Then add in the certain knowledge that some members will lose out on their prized goals, and it would likely see many at each others throats.

    I will certainly pray for the next pope. But I will also be praying for you, and all of our leaders, who are doing their best to promote the common good in a messy and fallen world.

  • Peg

    You crack me up. Anyone who can blog with so much substance and consistency impresses me. The only reply I have ever worried about was that I might unfairly offend someone or misrepresent our Church.

    Hopefully we can all make good replies to God this Lent. Best wishes and prayers to you–especially for some Prolife conversions among your colleagues. Peace!

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    I can understand how active legislation can rattle the nerves and patience. One just has to see some of those videos of legislators in foreign countries who actually get into fist fights on the floor. I can’t imagine you going that far, but I bet you pack a good right upper cut…lol. In moments of intense frustration, just turn to the Lord and ask for peace.

  • Sus

    Good luck this week.

    • Rebecca Hamilton


  • Bill S

    Good luck. I won’t submit any comments for you to read and delete till it is over.