It’s Official! New Pope is Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio


Our new pope is Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina. He has chosen the name Francis I.

After brief remarks, he led the vast audience at the Vatican in the Our Father and Hail Mary in Italian.

Even in this brief audience it was fun to watch this Latin pope gesticulate with his hands as he spoke.

My prayers and hopes are with him.

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  • Tom

    Nitpick: It was Italian, not Latin.

    But anyway…


  • Manny

    Boy that is a surprise. I love that he picked the name Francis! I consider Francis of Assisi my personal patron saint. I like what I just read about him. My only concern is his age. I wish he were younger and could connect better with the younger generation.

  • David J. White

    Small correction: Pope Francis led the crowd in the Our Father and Hail Mary in *Italian*, not Latin (I understand both Latin and Italian).

  • Biltrix

    Small emendation (I hope you don’t mind). The Our Father and Hail Mary were prayed in Italian, not Latin. Congratulations on our Pope! Viva il Papa!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thanks for the correction.