Jim DeMint Endorses March for Marriage

The March for Marriage will be March 26, 2013 in Washington DC. Go here for more details. If you can’t go, maybe you can contribute to the airfare for someone else to go.

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  • Bill S

    So he brings up the problem of the welfare state and the unwed mothers as a reason to march for marriage. Yes. We all should encourage woman not to have welfare babies. I agree.

    What does any of that have to do with same sex marriage? I think we should be promoting contraception for premarital sex.

    • Dale

      I am not a fan of Jim DeMint, but give him credit for trying to broaden” the defense of marriage” to something beyond simply being against same-sex marriage. A common view, one which I share, is that heterosexuals have done great damage to the institution of marriage. If the definition and value of marriage hadn’t already changed, the same-sex marriage debate would be impossible.

      As for contraception, the majority of single-parent households involve an adult who is divorced, separated or widowed. The children were born to a married couple, but the marriage didn’t last. So increasing contraception to unmarried persons will have limited effect on the number of single-parent families.