March for Marriage Tomorrow: Go if You Can. Pray if You Can’t.

The March for Marriage in Washington DC is tomorrow. Go if you can, pray if you can’t. 

For information about the march go here.

The United States Conference of Catholic bishops has issued a call for prayer and fasting for marriage. They also encourage Catholics to attend the March for Marriage tomorrow.

This video discusses what’s at stake.

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  • Deacon Tom

    Thought you would like to know–if you don’t receive the hard copy Washington Post. I got up this morning and thought I would see what coverage of same-sex marriage would be in today’s paper, especially given the March for Marriage and the SCOTUS arguments tomorrow. This is what I found. In the front-page section, the main editorial and another op-ed piece championing gay-rights and same sex marriage (“Liberty and Justice for All”).
    In the Metro section, a pro same-sex marriage piece by Petula Dvorak noting that folks who have gay sons or daughters ften change their minds and become pro same-sex marriage, and another piece in the “Federal Diary” by Joe Davidson asserting how DOMA has hurt federal employees and how Uncle Sam should “beg … forgiveness for DOMA. The “Style” section has a front page peice entitled “Yep, we’ve come a long way,” championing gay rights efforts since the late 70′s. The Wash Post used to have an ombudsman. No longer, but one of the last commentaries he made to complaints about the Post related to the biased coverage of the same-sex marriage issue–numerous articles explaining the arguments of those for same-sex marriage, and essentially caricaturing all those who believe in traditional marriage between one man and one woman. I recently heard an interview with a Catholic bishop who relayed that there are several groups of Catholics willing to fund adds, etc., explaining the reasons for the Catholic position on marriage, but no networks will carry them. We need to keep Catholics informed because the secular media won’t.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I’ve been checking coverage, and it’s the same everywhere. It’s like a news black out; but there are reports of “hundreds” marching for gay marriage in different places. Big story, no coverage.

    • Theodore Seeber

      After all, what is a little censorship after all the vandalism and violence used to get to this point?

  • megan

    Thi generation WILL be in favor of gay marriage. Even if you like it or not, it doesnt matter. It is happening. Having slaves is wrong… and treating people unequally is WRONG. EVERYONE deserves the right to marry… and CHILDREN ARE BETTER OFF WITH a LOVING family then with no family at all.

    • Theodore Seeber

      I wrote this comment for an article of Rebecca’s that disappeared. It fits as an appropriate response to your rant.

      “In a similar vein, Justice Samuel Alito also urged caution, noting that gay marriage, as a concept, is “newer than cellphones and the Internet.””

      And that’s exactly what really bugs me. Church teaching aside, there is exactly ZERO data yet on long term gay marriage. At all. 9 years is not enough. 11 years is not enough.

      This concept is being pushed on everybody with NO real research or scientific basis. None at all. Even George Weinberg’s original research in the 1960s is plagued by accusations of bribery and political bias, let alone the more novel concepts the gay agenda has come out since the DSM-IIITR dropped homosexuality as a mental illness with almost no actual peer review or scientific debate.

      The whole history of the gay agenda is that of a group of people with a mental illness trying to get everybody else to claim that they are sane- and using tactics learned from dictatorships to do it, from redefining language to vilifying and even using violence against enemies.

      Let me know when there is something actually objective in this debate, because at this point, I’m turned off by the tactics used and utterly against being labeled a homphobe by a bunch of heterophobes.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        Ted, what article I’ve mine disappeared? All sorts of funky things are happening on this blog today: disappearing comments, edits that don’t go through, comments that I approve that come back up unapproved and now … disappearing posts????

        It’s getting weird around here.

    • SteveP

      Here is the difficult thing with the “dialogue:” definition of terms. Everyone already has the right to marry. You want a specific restriction removed. As you are not asking for all the restrictions to marriage to be removed it will be hard for you to tout your desire as “equality.”

  • Dave N.

    Turnout was sad given the national importance of the issues at stake. I now feel like the battle is truly lost.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Don’t be down. We will fight on and our numbers will grow. In the words of John Belushi as Bluto Blutarski in Animal House, “It’s not over until we say it’s over!”