News Coverage: Pope Francis’ First Chrism Mass and Holy Thursday Foot Washing

This video shows news coverage of Pope Francis’ first Chrism mass as Pope and the Holy Thursday mass at which he washed the feet of 12 prisoners, including two young women. I am so grateful to the Holy Father for doing this.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Yae

    Me too. ^^ But as you well know, it is getting old to continue to pick apart what our Holy Father on that Holy Thursday. Just today I was on another site commenting on how our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world were being killed and persecuted for their faith and therefore did not have the “luxury” to sit around and nit pick in very negative ways what our Holy Father does and does not do. I asked for prayers and to stop already and of course I was told:
    “Yae: You might want to “take note” that not only do WE—-“The Church”——have the right to vocalize our confusion about what our Father, the Pope has done to CAUSE this confusion, but we absolutely MUST—no matter how negative that may sound to you or anyone else.”
    I give up…I will pray to stay away or stop commenting altogether but it makes me sad after having read that a much beloved Bangalore, seminary rector was murdered on Easter. I cannot, in good conscience, continue to try and debate folks when this is happening in other parts of the world.
    My energy will be used to pray for my brothers and sisters in the faith who are really living Calvary and persecution in areas of the world where them seem forgotten, but I know our beloved Papa Francis has not forgotten them. Like him, I will try and go about my daily duty from now on regardless of what others are saying. Amen

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      This is a wonderful comment. Thank you for making it.