See mother, I am making all things new

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History of the Crusades: Debunking False Crusade History
History of the Crusades: The Rise of Charles Martel and Byzantine Iconoclasm 718-731
The Cliche-Ridden Reaction to the Unmasking of Jihadi John
History of the Crusades: The Battle of Tours, 732. Islam Halted
  • mary jane habza

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful mediation on this Good Friday.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Mary Jane. I thought it was beautiful, too. Have a blessed Easter.

  • mary jane habza

    This meditation set me up for one of the most emotional and meaningful Good Friday Services in my life. I could not get it out of my mind. Our choir sang a song called: “Take My Mother Home.” While Jesus was dying, he wanted John to take her home to spare her any more pain.

    Watching young people, elderly couples, and families come up to kiss the cross made me feel united with the Body of Christ on this solemn day like never before. God Bless You.