The New Pope’s Schedule for the Next Few Days

Pope Francis will have a busy schedule for the next few days.

  • Thursday, March 14: Visit Santa Maria Maggiore for prayer. Mass with Cardinals at 5 pm.
  • Friday, March 15, officially welcome all the Cardinals.
  • Saturday, March 16, audience for journalists and media representatives.
  • Sunday, March 17, the Holy Father will give his first Angelus as Pope Francis.
  • Tuesday, March 19, Pope Francis will be inaugurated Bishop of Rome in St Peter's Square.




  • Manny

    Have you seen anything about his health? I’ve read about him only having one lung but they never exlain why and how it may affect his health. If you come across something on it, can you post a blog? Would be much appreciated.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I’ve read that he lost a lung when he was a teen due to “an infection.” That sounds like it might be tuberculosis. But I DON’T know. Whatever it was, he’s already lived a fair lifetime since then. Other than that, I know nothing; which is to say that, in fact, I know nothing.

    • abb3w

      There’s this LA Times piece, indicating it should not significantly alter his life expectancy.

  • pagansister

    If the Conclave had been worried about his having part of a lung removed many years ago, which I suppose would not have been a secret, I would think that might have altered the vote. From what one reads now, of his past in Argentina, he rode a bike places and visited in the slums etc. If his situation was causing health problems, I would think it would have affected him while he was venturing around the city.