The Rs and Ds Tie the Republic to a Railroad Track Called Sequester, Then Blame Each Other When the Train Arrives


I know when I write a post that calls Republicans out on anything, I’m going to hear from many of my Republican pro life friends who are appalled, amazed and angered by what I’ve said.

I know when I write a post that speaks up for human life, freedom of religion or traditional marriage, I’ll get some of the same from the other guys. 

Today is a case in point.

It turns out that my Republican friends are angry with me because I actually think that their party has something to do with the so-called “sequester” mess that this country is facing. These are the same Republicans who call me a statesman when I go after the President or the Dems for something I don’t like that they do.

Since I have the utmost respect for a couple of the people who are upset with me today, I am going to clarify just a bit.

I think both parties are putting the country at risk to play their little game. I don’t think either party gives a hoot what happens to people like you and me. And I don’t think either party actually believes the stuff they tell us at election time.

President Obama had a big part in what has happened with the sequester. However, he didn’t make this mess all by his little self. There are some gigantic egos hooked up to little brains on the other side of the fence who have contributed their fair share to this situation.

What they are doing — and they are doing it together — is holding the American people hostage. 

They are also lying to us. That’s why the whole thing is so confusing. It’s impossible for anyone, including, I think, them, to keep track of the lies, sort them out and make sense of the situation. Both sides are lying. Both sides are spinning. Both sides are emailing their stalwarts with their talking points. Both sides.


Not one.

Not the other.

Both. Of. Them.

I know it’s only natural for people who’ve staked so much of their trust in the gospel according to their political party to push back when somebody comes along and tells them they’ve been had. But, the truth is, if you’ve believed the propaganda either of our two political parties puts out, you have in fact, been had.

I write posts like this because I love my country. I believe that we the people have got to stop being such easy marks for political snake oil salesmen who want to use us to obtain power for themselves and do what they please.

These elected officials work for us.

Did you know that?

Does anything they do make you feel that they know that?

If the answer is no, then you have already come to a rudimentary understanding of this situation, whether you will admit what you know to yourself or not. It’s not what I’m telling people that upsets them. It’s the fact that they know it’s true and don’t want to face what that truth means.

What it means, and what they don’t want to face, is that there is no political party on a white horse who is going to save us or our country. This is a Republic, and we the people are going to have to do some of the heavy lifting ourselves. 

You can begin by calling your members of Congress and telling them what you think about the issues that matter to you. I don’t care if you support the sequester or not. I do care that you start thinking for yourselves and acting like free people who have a right to be heard in their own government.

You can find your Congressperson’s email address and phone number here.

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  • neenergyobserver

    I’m one of those republican, well sort of, I’m really more of a conservative, and you know well enough to know what I mean.

    I’m going to jump right into the lead here and say this:


    No, ifs, ands, or buts, you are completely correct and the sooner we figure it out, the better, if it’s not too late, I don’t think it is but, it’s getting close to that point.

  • SteveP

    Rebecca: Thank you for endeavoring to represent your constituents; I fear you are in a minority as the various State governments and the Federal government lurch backward to patronage.

  • pagansister

    Excellent post, Rebecca! You have hit the nail on the head.

  • Manny

    First of all, Obama is president. He’s not a Congresssman, he’s not a Senator, he’s THEE President. Where is the leadership to do it? It can be done if there was leadership. He’s either failed at that or he deeply wants the sequester to go through. I suspect he deeply wants the sequester to go through.

    Second, the sequester was Obama’s idea. Read Woodward. It was his idea to cynically push off any difficult decisions (again failure of leadership) until after the election, just so he could get re-elected. Well, the cynical ploy worked. He was re-elected. Now he owns it. If he wants to solve it, he’s got to give up something to Congress. Republicans already gave up on a tax increase at the turn of the year. No way are they giving another. Obama won’t give up anything. Again failure of leadership. I’ll say it again, he owns it.

    I’m sick of the constant chaos that surrounds this presidency. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wish Bill Clinton was back.

  • Ted Seeber

    I am both amazed that on the Republican side, the businessmen they support are so incompetent that they can’t handle 2% more taxes, and on the Democrat side, the government programs they support are so incompetent that they can’t handle a return to 2010 budgets.

    A pox on both their houses- and every President in my lifetime has been worse than the one previous. Every single one.

    • Manny

      No. The goverment has grown from 17.9% of GDP to over 24% in the last four years. Government growth is out of control and needs to be reduced. Raising taxes is just accepting this huge growth. No.

      • Ted Seeber

        What does it matter? It’s all mythical anyway. The entire economic system is just one big shared myth.

        Want to get rid of government growth? Somalia has the ultimate cost cutting plan, let organized crime take over instead.

        • Manny

          Ok Ted. you’re not worth my time.

    • Manny

      And may I add taxes were just raised a month ago at the turn of the year. Now it’s time to cut spending.

      • Ted Seeber

        They were raised on low wage earners who aren’t subject to the Social Security cap. But all of this is the cost of not having children.

        In the end, the real cause of the sequester is the 40 million or so working age citizens that we are now missing.

        • pagansister

          ALL of this is the cost of not having children, Ted? This entire mess is due to lack of reproduction on the part of our citizens?

          • Theodore Seeber

            56 million missing children turns into a serious lack of workforce. The biggest problem with the United States Budget right now is the coming demographic decline: We have the Baby Boomers retiring and needing end of life care, and as a percentage, a smaller workforce than ever to earn the money to pay the taxes for that big bubble.

            The US economy, foolishly or not, is based on an assumption of eternal expansion. Of the next generation being larger than the previous one. 1:3 pregnancies in the last 40 years have been terminated. Contraception means that many more pregnancies never occurred.

            It’s far worse in Japan, Canada, and just about every country in Europe. But even countries like Uganda, which used to have an average of 8 children per family, is now down to 3.1.

            The decision to turn children from assets into liabilities is a deadly one economically speaking, and it will get worse before it gets better because we’ve raised an entire generation of women who actively fear pregnancy.

  • Peg

    If the polls are correct then there are only 13% of us that fault both parties. That allows a lot of non productive finger pointing. We need a new non partisan movement to fight this corruption and incompetence and hold the big media more accountable.

  • Bill S

    “I am both amazed that on the Republican side, the businessmen they support are so incompetent that they can’t handle 2% more taxes, and on the Democrat side, the government programs they support are so incompetent that they can’t handle a return to 2010 budgets.”

    Excellent point, Ted. I mean like “hello?” $16 trillion! People who have amassed humongous fortunes living in this country, athletes, movie stars, entrepreneurs, etc. We’re going to need some of that back to save this country. And we can’t spend money we don’t have. Here we are on a 2% bite out of the budget and no additional taxes. That won’t even put a dent in the deficit.

    • Theodore Seeber

      I saw somewhere that the Walton Family alone could pay back the federal deficit and still have enough money to live on.

  • pagansister

    Sounds like a plan, Theodore. Maybe they would like to send in more taxes—-they must be among the 1% that could afford it!!