The Year of Two Living Popes and One Unchanging Faith

Does anybody remember that this is the Year of Faith?

It’s certainly been a historic year so far.

Our beloved Benedict, Pope Emeritus, handed the Church forward to his successor, Pope Francis. The Year of Faith has become the Year of Two Living Popes. 

It is one faith; one holy and apostolic Catholic faith. For those who will stop to think about it, that is a miracle in itself. Benjamin Disraeli, when asked what proof he could offer of God’s existence, replied, “The Jew, sir, the Jew.”  To that I would add that if anyone doubts the divinity of Jesus Christ, I would offer them the Catholic Church and its 2,000 year history of faithful teaching.

The Catholic Church has persisted through the fall and rise of more than one empire. It has survived the venality of some of its own popes. It has come through plagues, famines and times of great wealth. And it has, through all of it, kept the teachings of the Gospels intact and unblemished.

I don’t think there has been an day or an hour in all this great swath of history that the Church has not been under concerted and powerful pressure to re-write the Gospels to suit the passing moral fashions of the time. I think the reason for this is simple: The devil is real. There is a malicious personality out there who wants to destroy us through our own predilections to immorality.

We are not so much engaged in a war as we are the objects of a war. This malicious personality wars against us by aligning itself with our own fallen natures. It attempts to subvert us in our path to our ultimate calling as sons and daughters of the living God. We are the object of war making based in a hatred that is outside time.

But this evil, which seems so powerful and omnipresent to us who are in the soup of this life, is almost nothing in the halls of eternity. It is a vanquished foe whose only hold on us was broken at the cross. All we have to do is turn our faces away from the darkness and walk into the light.

The Catholic Church is the light, shining in the darkness of this world. Despite the undeniable fallenness of the people who govern it, the Church itself does not falter when it comes to providing the sacraments and teaching the teachings that show us the way to heaven.

This Year of Faith and two living popes — one reigning and one emeritus — is historic. But it is also part of the flow of the Church through history. Pope Benedict handed the Church forward and the Cardinals chose Pope Francis to take it up.

People who unwittingly are the mouthpieces for the devil yammer about how the Church must “change” its core teachings about life, love, sexuality and the common good or be found guilty of being “out of step with the world.”

Let’s think for a moment what they are demanding. What does it mean to be “in step” with the world?

“In step” with the world, as they define it, means that people are only human when those who have the power to do so define them to be human. It means that vast numbers of people may be killed at any time, for no reason at all.

Being “in step” with the world means that women and children are commodities to be bought and sold, raped and worked. It means that reducing women and children to objects and then using their rape, torture and murder as entertainment is a “right” that transcends any claims to their human dignity. Being “in step” with the world means that women’s bodies can be harvested for their eggs that are then sold online. It means that women’s wombs can be rented as surrogates.

Being “in step” with the world means “designing” babies that we will find good enough for our celestial selves to raise. It means discarding tens of other babies in this process to get the one perfect one we want.

Being “in step” with the world means destroying marriage, doing away with family as a unit that creates, nurtures and supports young human beings. It means that multinational corporations can pillage and destroy without restraint.

I could go on, but the point is that being “in step” with the world is being “in step” with decay, death and destruction. Being “in step” with the world is the exact opposite of what the Church is called to do.

The Catholic Church is not called to make the world comfortable in its sins. it is called to lead the world to redemption from its sins. 

The world may and does excoriate the Church for “being out of step” with its many killing machines. It may and does excoriate Catholics for following their Church. It may and does try to force us out of public life and silence our witness.

But the world will not prevail.

Jesus said, “On this rock, I will build my Church. And the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” 

This is the Year of Faith. It is also the year of two living popes.

But this year is, as all years are, the year of the One and only Jesus, Who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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  • Laddie V Mapani

    ”Turn our faces away from the darkness and walk into the light”. Great preaching, God bless you.

  • Mike

    Nicely put; inspiring.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Mike.

  • Bill S

    “The devil is real. There is a malicious personality out there who wants to destroy us through our own predilections to immorality.”

    This is the kind of statement that forces people to make a choice. To accept it is to go one way. (My wife accepts it). To say it’s a crock is to go the other way. It’s a crock.

  • Laddie V Mapani

    Bill S. Soon you will be Rebecca’s convert or you are already. I like this and bless your wife. Turning ”from darkness” is never too late the good thief stole heaven on the cross may the good Lord indpire you from within.

  • Bill S

    I am a full fledged Catholic. I only ask two things of my church. No superstitions and no telling other people how to live their lives. And I don’t do confession.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      You should.

      “And I don’t do confession.”

  • Bill S

    I have to admit that I did have one confessor who helped me through some difficult times. He once made me recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy twice. I had to buy a little book in the chapel gift shop and learn how to do it. I took to saying it at 3 pm every day.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I sometimes pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy on Fridays, for my Friday penance. (This is at times of the year other than Lent.) It’s simple, and yet it says it all. I went to confession yesterday before mass. (We go to the vigil mass.) After the past two weeks, I needed to go to get cleaned up. Even if I haven’t shot anybody, going to confession makes me feel spiritually the way a warm shower makes me feel physically — clean and refreshed.

  • Bill S

    My confessor, Father Mario, was unrelenting in making demands on me. He once refused to give me absolution for not reporting something that I knew to the state environmental agency. I finally got to a point where I couldn’t live up to his standards.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      If that’s what he did, I agree with you. But there are other priests.

  • Bill S

    Actually, that confession was a good one. He let me think about it for a few days and then we sat in a room and he asked me questions and finally agreed that I did not have to report it. It would have cost my client hundreds of thousands of dollars just because he sent soil with levels of metals just above the limits for fill for a new house. No one was ever going to consume the soil which is what they would have to do to be exposed. After weighing the pros and cons he gave me absolution. It was other issues like contraception that made it too difficult for me to keep going to him.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Then why did you mention it at all? It sounds like another of your red herrings and misdirections Bill.

  • Laddie V Mapani

    The church is there to tell you how to live your life in a way which pleases God. Thats the duty of the church and thats how Christ want it. You may run hide or argue but the truth will find you.

    • Bill S

      There was no running and hiding from Father Mario. He was like Padre Pio in the confessional. He was better than all the therapists I’ve known all put together in one package.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    When the only other man in the world who has a right to the titles Pope and Your Holiness – Tewadros II – visited Rome, it occurred to me that the only circumstances in which, at any time in the past, you could have had three Popes within a few yards of each other would have been as part of some pretty severe disruption – schism, and probably some sort of civil war. I rather like the fact that we can have three in a spirit of fraternal collaboration.