Video of Reaction to Election of John Paul II

I found this fascinating video of the announcement that Karol Wojtyla was the new pope: Pope John Paul II.

It is beautiful to watch and hear the astonishment of the reporters. They didn’t know then what we know now: That John Paul II was going to be one of the greatest popes, a man for the times.

I pray that God will send us another great man, one for these times, to be our Holy Father.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Biltrix

    Great one for today. Thanks Rebecca!

  • Fabio P.Barbieri

    I was in Rone at the time, as sixteen-year-old, and I remember it well. We could not even make out the name, and had absolutely no idea who the fellow was.

  • jenny

    thank you for posting it…

  • FW Ken

    I liked the line about how he *might* have a long pontificate. ☺