Where is the News Coverage on the March for Marriage?

I can’t find it. 


Googled and looked at






The only place I can find coverage of the March for Marriage today is on the March for Marriage Facebook page. I took these photos from there to prove that, news blackout or not, it really is happening.





  • Theodore Seeber

    It won’t be covered. Censorship is just the latest tactic in the gay agenda war.

    • Mary Therese

      In defense of EWTN.. with their limited resources they have already covered.. March for Life DC and West Coast ( San Francisco) and All the Papal events.. I am sure it will be discussed on Raymond Arroro’s show. As for the others Shame on them.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        I’m sure Mary Therese. I wasn’t picking on them. I expect them to have after-the-fact coverage this will (hopefully) be quite extensive.

  • SteveP

    Thank you! I see some smiles and a beautiful blue sky!

  • William Reed

    The mainstream media does not agree with our veiw, therefore we do not exist.