You’re Pope Francis? Well, then, I’m Napoleon!

Andreas, the Jesuit receptionist must have a short fuse.

At least it appears he does considering his quick response to what he thought was a crank caller. It was an understandable mistake. After all, everybody knows that popes don’t dial their own phones. According to a Vatican official, “When the pope wants to call someone, an official usually calls a secretary who places the call.”

That’s the way things have always been.

Until now.

Francis, the black-shoe-wearing-hotel-bill-paying Pope is also a telephone-call-making Pope. He phoned a Jesuit residence in Rome last Friday wanting to speak to the superior general of his old Jesuit order.

The man who answered the phone, who has been identified only as Andreas, wasn’t about to be pranked. “Oh yes?” he said to the Pope. “And I’m Napoleon.”

Then he asked, “Who is it?”

When the Holy Father answered, “I really am Pope Francis. Do not worry Andreas, just connect me with the Father General. I would like to thank him for the charming letter.” Andreas seemed to figure things out. After all, who else talks like that? He apologized, and according to an article in the Mail, is now “extremely distraught” over his mistake.

After watching Pope Francis in action this past week, I doubt that Andreas has anything to worry about. I would guess that a black-shoe-wearing-hotel-bill-paying-phone-call-making Pope is not all that easily offended.

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  • neenergyobserver

    :-) Hard not to feel sorry for Andreas, isn’t it? The new boss isn’t quite like the old boss.

  • George Vogt

    Love that neenergyobserver. I will borrow that when I share this article.

  • pagansister

    Yes, I expect Andreas was embarrassed when he realized who he had just been rude too. I imagine it would be similar to someone calling and saying they were the President. I don’t think Andreas has anything to worry about either—all will be fine. :-)

  • Subsistent

    A blog-post both hilarious and beautiful, this!