3 Quick Takes: Vampire Atheists, Jesus Stomping Class Assignments and Gay Marriage

Religious freedom and gay marriage have taken a couple of turns while we were looking at other things. Here are 3 Quick Takes.

1. Vampire Atheist Case Against 9/11 Cross Tossed by Judge

The bizarro case filed by American Atheists claiming that the sight of the 9/11 Cross caused them to experience  “depression, headaches, anxiety and mental pain and anguish” was tossed out of court by a federal judge. The case had sought to have the cross removed from the 9/11 Museum in New York City.


2. Florida Atlantic University Drops Charges Against Student Who Refused to Stomp on Jesus’ Name

Ryan Rotela, a devout Mormon student, refused to stomp on the name of Jesus as he was requested as part of a class exercise. After complaining to administrators, Rotela says he was suspended from the class. The university has now dropped all charges against Rotela and apologized.

3. New Zealand, Uruguay, legalize gay marriage. 

New Zealand’s Parliament voted 77-44 to legalize gay marriage on April 17. Uruguay Chamber of Deputies voted to legalize gay marriage on April 10.

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  • Guest

    My little kids loved Bert and Ernie and I loved the innocence of the old Sesame Street show. Seeing them usurped and portrayed as a gay couple makes me suffer “depression, headaches, anxiety and mental pain and anguish”

  • pagansister

    IMO all 3 things above are positive. NY Judge tossing out the case brought by the Atheists about the 9/11 cross—good! The student at FAU who refused to “stomp” on the paper with Jesus had all charges dropped against him (which were ridiculous to begin with) good. And last but not least—Gay marriage legalized in New Zealand and Uruguay—-excellent. While all the bad was happening last week, some good things happened too.

    • Ted Seeber

      I realized something last night- my main objection to gay marriage is political, not religious. I resent the loss of my religious liberty and the branding of me as a bigot so much, that I would oppose that group if they were using the same tactics to feed starving children instead.

  • http://mywordwall.wordpress.com Imelda

    Aren’t these good news? I do not doubt that the cross caused such illnesses on the claimants. They are reminded of who they are quarreling with after all. :-)

    The other day, I read news about the Pope being attacked now by the group that more or less caused the resignation of Pope Benedict. God pardon me but I thought that it was a great news from Rome – that made me think that the Pope is doing something great to merit an attack from teh Church’s enemies.

  • http://fpb.livejournal.com/ Fabio P.Barbieri

    Off Topic – I thought you might like this criticism of the current economic leadership by Professor Jeffrey Sachs. It gets stronger – and more enjoyable – as he goes on: http://youtu.be/7VOWnnEphjI

  • Bill S

    I get the theme of the first two quick takes. I agree with both decisions even though I, myself, find no redeeming value in a cross of I-beams/girders and I don’t see why someone would complain about a class designed to demonstrate the effect of symbols on our emotions.

    I don’t see where the third one fits the moral of the story. I agree with that decision, too. But I suspect that it is not being presented as a wise decision as are the other two. I would think the readers would view the first two decisions as just and the third unjust.