A Government at War with its People: France Legalizes Gay Marriage

France legalized gay marriage today. According to a Reuters news report “legions of officers and water cannon stood ready ahead of the final vote,” bracing for pubic reaction. 

The vote came after the Claude Bartelone, President of the French National Assembly ordered the expulsion of a protester. In one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve read in a while, he said, “Only those who love democracy are welcome here.”

This is not the way to pass legislation of this magnitude. It is also not the way to work for social change. Several states in America have passed gay marriage referendums by popular vote. This has been accepted by everyone, including those who opposed the referendums. States in which the courts or the legislature have tried to impose gay marriage have met resistance. Most of the time, these efforts have been overturned by popular votes.

Gay people certainly do have the right to petition their government for change. However, governments which impose draconian changes in social practice on an unwilling population are not representing their people.

When a government has to call in the police and set up high-pressure water hoses to protect itself from its own people before a vote, it maybe needs to consider that the vote itself is unwise.

The French politicians who have voted for this measure were elected to their positions, but they are not behaving like representatives of the people. They also, in my opinion, are creating unrest and discord in their country which can only harm it.

American government has made similar mistakes. The Brady Bill of the early 1990s was a mistake because the American people did not want it. I’m not talking about the merits of the bill. I am talking about the merits of government of, by and for the people.

Roe v Wade was a judicial fiat which stopped the on-going public debate on abortion by imposing a “decision” on the people that they were not ready for. The resulting culture wars have fractured this country and done enormous harm to it. None of this would have happened if the Court had simply let the democratic process in the states work this issue through.

With very rare exceptions (I can think of only one in the history of this country) the people, if they are allowed to do so, can and will work these things out in a manner that allows everyone to live together in harmony. However, when governments begin to impose unwanted solutions to debates that reach into the intimate lives of their citizens in the manner that the French government did today, they harm the country they claim to love. They also step over the boundaries of their moral authority as representatives of the people.

From Reuters:

PARIS (AP) — France legalized gay marriage on Tuesday after a wrenching national debate and protests that flooded the streets of Paris. Legions of officers and water cannon stood ready near France’s National Assembly ahead of the final vote, bracing for possible violence on an issue that galvanized the country’s faltering conservative movement.

The measure passed easily in the Socialist-majority Assembly, 331-225, just minutes after the president of the legislative body expelled a disruptive protester in pink, the color adopted by French opponents of gay marriage.

“Only those who love democracy are here,” Claude Bartelone, the Assembly president, said angrily.


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  • Manny

    It does not surprise me. Leftist governments shove their agenda down the throats of their people. At heart they are all commie dictators.

    • Yae

      Sadly, it is what is happening to our beloved United States. I can only hope we will not tire of protecting our God-given rights as a nation. The HHS mandate must continue to be opposed and even if it becomes law, I pray the US Bishops will not capitulate…nor us for that matter. I am sad the France, once considered the “eldest daughter” of the Catholic Church has taken this very sad and scandalous route.
      May God protect those who are taking a stand for the beauty of marriage between one man and one woman.

  • Bill S

    “When a government has to call in the police and set up high-pressure water hoses to protect itself from its own people before a vote, it maybe needs to consider that the vote itself is unwise.”

    Protesters do not represent the entire populace of a country. You make it seem like the government went against its own people and needed to take drastic measures against them. Those are the protesters. It doesn’t matter how many of them there are, they are not necessarily representative of the people in general. If they are, then the members who voted according to their consciences and chose not to discriminate against gays will not be re-elected. Mobs do not a democracy make.

    • SteveP

      “Mobs do not a democracy make.”
      Which is why “gay rights” will die with the baby boomers for their fury was born in the violence of Stonewall.

      • Mike

        This doesn’t have anything to do with rights. It’s politics and the Left is exploiting it for all its worth.

      • Dale

        SteveP, actually Baby Boomers are less supportive of gay marriage than the nation as a whole. The support for same-sex marriage is coming from persons born after 1964, particularly from those born after 1980.

        • SteveP

          I think I understand what you relay. Yet it seems to me that the Baby Boomer cohort, at least those who self-identify as “gay,” have been the primary instigators using the preferred tactic of confrontation combined with sentimentality.

        • pagansister

          Dale, I was born right before the “baby boomers” and have no problem with SSM.

    • Theodore Seeber

      The problem with that being dictators apparently are more prevalent than democrats these days. They won’t be voted out because they simply rig the votes so that only those who are for more of this chaotic mess get into office.

  • SteveP

    The news is quite sad. I do not think much good will stem from this legislation. May God protect those in France from themselves.

  • Guest

    satan’s influence is all over this world-wide move to legalize gay marriage. According to the mystical visions of Sister Mary of Agreda who wrote Mystical City of God, satan hates humanity and his fall from heaven was directly related to his opposition to God’s plan for His Son to become man for the salvation of humanity. Lucifer thought he should be the redeemer and he saw God becoming human as an offense against God and Lucifer’s dignity. This is why he seeks to constantly tempt humanity and prove to God that He made a mistake. Now isn’t that exactly the kind of pride and hubris one would expect of satan? He most especially hates womankind, Eve, the Virgin Mary. What better way to feed his hatred of humanity than to attempt to pervert it’s very design and means of existence.

    • Bill S


      I would hate to be gay and come up against someone like you. I wouldn’t know where to begin in pointing out how bizarre your worldview is. I feel sorry for them having to deal with people with these strange beliefs.

      • Guest

        We’re all entitled to our “bizarre” worldviews – even you ;-)

        • Bill S


          My worldview is simply that there are no supernatural beings and that people who say things like: ” satan hates humanity and his fall from heaven was directly related to his opposition to God’s plan for His Son to become man for the salvation of humanity” are delusional. If that is bizarre to you, so be it.

    • Hailey

      Actually, it is God who hates women. Start with the Garden of Eden. Why would an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good God allow an evil snake in that garden in the first place? And why would God create human curiosity if it would lead to disobedience? God wanted Adam and Eve to fail so he could have fun punishing them. And don’t get me started on the many ways the rest of the Bible shows God hates women. What a twisted God!

  • FW Ken

    Not to worry, the French have a long history of dealing effectively with tyrants.

  • pagansister

    All Satan’s fault, Guest? Really?
    With the legalization of gay marriage in France, those gay couples who wish to can and those gay couples that don’t want to, won’t. No different than heterosexual couples—some wish to marry and some don’t and are happy just living together.

    • SteveP

      Except all those heterosexuals who marched and voted for PACS in 1998 will now see that their efforts for inclusion were in vain as the goal was not really legal protection but to force State recognition of an impossible equation. The far more realistic will understand that representative the government is not; those who can paid for advocacy obtain preferential treatment in the law. Equality is a thing of the past.
      Perhaps we’ll be treated to a contemporary Diogenes searching for an honest [gay] man.

  • FW Ken

    It’s tempting to blame the pro-ssm attitudes of the young on 30 years of relentless propaganda in the schools, entertainment and news media. However, a simpler explanation is that young people tend toward a more laissez-faire approach to life. Live and let live! However, it’s starting to look like the movement may have jumped the shark:


    • Theodore Seeber

      “Live and let die” is more like it, since homosexuality is inherently anti-life (as are abortion, contraception, euthanasia, war, the death penalty….). Every time I hear somebody claim “Live and let live” I know their real meaning is “I’ve got mine, and I’ve got to kill off the next generation if I’m going to keep it”.

      • Bill S

        “since homosexuality is inherently anti-life”

        “I know their real meaning is “I’ve got mine, and I’ve got to kill off the next generation if I’m going to keep it”.”

        Wow! No “Live and Let Live” possibilities here.

  • Michael Matthew

    In agreement with FW Ken. When I engage young people in their teens, 20′s, and 30′s, I don’t sense this passionate desire for SSM. They simply don’t care.

  • Kenneth

    “When a government has to call in the police and set up high-pressure water hoses to protect itself from its own people before a vote, it maybe needs to consider that the vote itself is unwise”…………

    Or it may be that those rioting are just thugs who don’t respect the rule of law and democracy and ought not be allowed to hold a country hostage….

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      1.4 million citizens? Did you look at the photos? These aren’t thugs. There may be thugs who showed up later. That happens sometimes. But these protests were clearly families, what look like middle class citizens.

      Citizen protest IS the rule of democracy Kenneth. I would say that the people holding the country hostage are the elected officials who ignore their citizens.

      • Kenneth

        Citizen protest is fine. You seem to be implying however that the mobs and protesters and the public safety concerns they raise should be read as the real barometer of the French people’s will, and not the legitimate actions of the nation’s duly elected representatives. Deciding issues by whoever puts the angriest people in the streets rather than by vote is not democracy, and it is not even civilization. Nor should every controversial issue be put to a referndum. We have elected officials to stand for us based on their platforms and positions, and then to go represent us the best they can. That includes making the tough calls and taking the responsibility and heat for them. Especially the tough votes.

        If they’re going to punt all the tough and emotionally tough issues back to the voters, there’s no reason to pay their salaries and benefits and expenses. We can write a computer program to make the safe votes or subcontract the business out to India for 20 cents on the dollar.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          This wasn’t a “tough” call. It was a stupid call. A referendum would have been direct democracy and totally stopped this nonsense.

          What I was saying is that the French government created this unrest by forcing a vote on something this divisive. One of the first responsibilities of any government is to maintain public order. The first way to do this is not to artificially create situations that cause massive public unrest and set off situations where you have to call out the troops on your own citizens.

          It isn’t a “tough” decision to force an unnecessary vote on an issue and then push that issue onto a resistant citizenry, thereby creating a situation where you have to have police and water cannons aimed at your own citizens to proceed. That is a stupid, arrogant and destructive decision. It is not good governance or anything like it. In fact, it is so much not good governance that I would say that behavior of this type violates the trust the citizens gave an elected official when they placed the levers of government in his or her hands.

          The President of France handled this terribly.

          As for “mobs” of almost a million and a half peaceful demonstrators which, from the photos, appear to be comprised of families and individuals that would be the backbone of any country, being a barometer of the French people’s will, I should hope so. Certainly there are other elements, but to disparage the meaning of protests of this size is fantasy thinking. As for the elected officials being the will of the French people, (as opposed to the people themselves) I would say that when they have to move the dates of votes around and call out massive numbers of police, it sounds more like they are at odds with the people than acting as their “will.”

          However, it is not up to either you or me to decide how the French people will respond to this. It is up to the French people themselves.

  • Bill S

    It is not surprising that a mob mentality could be whipped up through all of the hate speech against gays disguised as concern for the children, the traditional family and the definition of marriage. Were the German mobs cheering on the Nazi party right? What makes anyone think that these lemmings are right?

    • Mr. X

      It’s funny that you criticise people for “hate speech”, before going on to compare them to the Nazis.

  • Mr. X

    I suppose that when you’ve already declared war on reality, going to war with your own people seems somewhat trivial by comparison.

  • Bill S

    “It’s funny that you criticise people for “hate speech”, before going on to compare them to the Nazis.”

    I am not comparing. I am just trying to point out that mobs can be wrong. The people in France are being manipulated into making a big stink about gay marriage. The Catholic Church is the worst offender.

  • Korou

    Well done to the French government for doing the right thing and moving France into a better and more loving era.

  • FW Ken