Abby Johnson Speaks to Abortion Workers

Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic director, speaks from her heart to abortion workers in this video.

I understand how she feels. No one could be more pro choice that I was at one time. God rescued me and forgave me. Once I realized the full horror of what I had done, the hardest part was forgiving myself and accepting God’s forgiveness. I finally came to the realization that I had to let go of it because doing anything else would be refusing God’s forgiveness; it would be a way of saying that my sins were greater than His love, which is a lie.

However, I have never lost the awareness of myself as a sinner saved by unmerited grace. I also still feel sadness over the people I know who are still in that place where I was. I once told a group of people I was speaking to that it was like being in a terrible car wreck and by a miracle getting out of it unscratched but being unable to go on and forget it because I knew that there were still people trapped inside.

Abby Johnson’s love and concern for those people who are still trapped inside the abortion industry is apparent in this video.

I am posting it here in the prayerful hope that it will touch the life some abortion worker who might see it and be changed by it.

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  • Bill S

    I know what it is like feeling trapped in a job. It is good that there is a support group to help people working in the abortion industry to seek other employment. However, I would think that helping women out of an undesirable situation could be somewhat rewarding under certain circumstances. I think one would have to be atheist and not squeamish to stay very long in that field. Even then it seems that one would reach a saturation point and want to do something, anything, else.

    • Theodore Seeber

      Murdering children isn’t helping women, unless one thinks motherhood itself is a sin. Helping a woman in that situation means providing her food, clothing, shelter, pre-natal care, and a way to build a family.

      Better that one teenage father should be enslaved, than a child lose his life.

  • pagansister

    “Better that one teenage father should be enslaved, than a child lose his life.” Theodore
    Are you thinking that that possible teenage sperm donor is going to marry and support the girl just because she got pregnant? Not a basis for a marriage.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Don’t lose sight of the fact that we are talking about killing a baby here. When a boy and girl make a baby together, they are parents. Age doesn’t change that.

      • pagansister

        “———killing a baby here.” Rebecca. Depends on the definition of when life starts, and that still varies person to person. I have my definition and the Church and other folks have theirs. Late term, yes, most certainly not OK with me. Sticking with if the woman/girl has the procedure within the 1st 3 months, no “baby” has been killed, IMO.

        • Theodore Seeber

          Your definition doesn’t change what Kermit Gosnell had on the shelf in his office.

          • pagansister

            I had to find out who Kermit Gosnell was to have any idea who you were referring to, Rebecca. I agree he should be on trial. As I have said many times, I am against late term abortions. Hopefully FL. (where I live) will pass a law against it.

    • Theodore Seeber

      Millions of families previous to 1960 were started in just such a fashion, and often led to life-long marriages. I personally know of six or seven from the 1980s that were in my high school class, and not only is the marriage still going strong, they now have grandchildren.

      Do not assume that young marriage= bad marriage. I know it is a common myth today, but it’s one we need to deconstruct and show to be a myth.

      Having a child together is a FAR BETTER basis for marriage than “love” or other transitory feelings are.

      • pagansister

        I was 20 when I married—but not pregnant—that was planned and happened 3 years later. Yes, Theodore, some marriages do last when they start with the woman pregnant, and like all marriages, some don’t. I tend to disagree that having a child together is a far better basis for marriage than “love” or “other transitory feelings”. In some cases, instant baby causes a marriage to deconstruct.

        • Theodore Seeber

          Blaming the child for the sins of the parents?

          I have little to say to those who would abandon responsibility in this way. If she’s good enough to sleep with, she’s good enough to devote your life to and to the product of your actions.

          • pagansister

            “If she’s good enough to sleep with, she’s good enough to devote your life to and to the product of your actions”. Theodore That assumes that the girl being slept with is actually one the boy cares about. Sometimes she is just handy and willing.

            • Theodore Seeber

              “Sometimes she is just handy and willing.”

              Which any self-respecting human being should also be against, correct?

              • pagansister

                Rightly or wrongly, there have always been the “handy and willing” girls, Theodore. Nothing has changed in that respect. Would I encourage being handy and willing? No.

  • Birthday girl

    This is a wonderful ministry and I hope they get their 501(c)3 status soon so I can put them in my annual donation rotation … it’s analogous to ministries that save women from prostitution and provide them with material, emotional, and spiritual support and healing, or saving slaves and helping them find a livelihood in free society. Amazing that no one thought of it before Abby … I sure didn’t and when I read of the ATTWN ministry, I did a headslap “of course!” thing … what a blind spot we have had for so long.

    Also, Abby quotes research that 70% of women working in the abortion mines are post-abortive themselves … 70% can you grasp that number? What healing they must need on so many levels … praying hard for Abby and ATTWN today and every day.

    And to any abortion mine worker who might have read this far … TRUST Abby and ATTWN! They will help you and you will be so glad you took the leap … may God bless you and protect you!

  • Bill S

    ” When a boy and girl make a baby together, they are parents. Age doesn’t change that.”

    I’m glad that we live in a world that doesn’t force women to bear children that they don’t want. I hope that never changes. Young people make mistakes. They shouldn’t have their lives ruined because other people think that they should.

    • Theodore Seeber

      What ruins lives is destroying mistakes. It leads to a lifelong pattern of avoiding consequences. One needs to deal with the consequences of a mistake and learn from it, not destroy it.

      • pagansister

        “What ruins lives is destroying mistakes”. Theodore Not necessarily true.

        • Theodore Seeber

          Almost always true. And not even about pregnancy and marriage, but about everything else as well.

          Those who are successful, fail more often. It is a given that the best way to success is to fail repeatedly, and learn from those mistakes. Skip over the consequences of the mistake, and no lesson is learned.

          Getting back on topic, why do you think repeat abortions are common in couples that use contraception? It’s because they failed to learn that sex causes pregnancy.

  • pagansister

    Repeat abortions are common in couples that use contraception? What they should have learned is they are using the WRONG contraception. Vasectomies and tubal legations are permanent and do work more than fail. If a couple are totally thru having their family, that is a very viable option. i know from experience.

    • Theodore Seeber

      So, you think that mutilation is a reasonable response to misused sexuality rather than, gee, learning that sex is the prayer that you do if you want children to come?

  • pagansister

    “—–learning that sex is the prayer that you do if you want children to come?” What are you talking about?
    I think that birth control is stopped if you want children—and if that fails, then either carry and put up for adoption or terminate before the 3 month period.