Catholic Church Against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is like sex-selected abortion in that it gets caught up in the culture wars. This video shows the Catholic Church’s clear stand against human trafficking.

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  • FW Ken
  • Dale

    Rebecca, thank for this second article on such an important issue. It seems to get too little attention.

    I had never heard of the International Catholic Migration Commission, which sponsored the video. So I went to their website, and looked around. It seems they have been around for several decades, and their formal members are the national Catholic bishops councils around the world.

    Here is part of their page on human trafficking.

    “In addition to providing a variety of direct services─ranging from temporary shelter to psychosocial counseling, legal aid and livelihood and reintegration assistance─ICMC actively engages with local communities and NGOs in high-risk villages to strengthen their capacity to improve protection for survivors and better prevent future cases of trafficking.

    Dedicated to pursuing holistic and sustainable solutions, ICMC also works to improve the implementation of anti-trafficking laws and better protect victims by establishing effective networks and cross-border counter-trafficking task forces among local authorities and representatives from government ministries of health, education, employment, defense, justice and social welfare.”

    There is additional information at the link.

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  • FW Ken

    My phone went wonky and perhaps you deleted the two unexplained links I posted. They were from a search on “Catholic Church and human trafficking”. Lots of info, lots being done. Even the NCCB had an office devoted to the problem.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Ken, I don’t think I got those. Would you send them again?

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        I found one in spam. Don’t know where the other is.

  • FW Ken

    That was them, Rebecca, at the top. Each had some interesting links inside.

    Working with the perps all the time, I get excited when something Congress up about victims. It’s like “oh yes, that’s the point of this!”. Sex offender therapists I know stress that the point is “no more victims.” You are moving on to help the victims that exist.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thanks Ken.

  • Art Chartier

    Thank you.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Good to hear from you Art!