Kermit Gosnell: The Monster Pro Choice Built

Pro life bloggers and tweeters have raised public awareness of the trial of Dr Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortionist who is on trial for murder. It appears that the media is beginning to respond to this pressure with increased coverage.

However, when I asked the question earlier this week, Public Catholic readers told me they had seen coverage back when Dr Gosnell was first arrested. I did some looking around and turned up this incredible video by Katie Couric.

I’ve spent years working to pass pro life legislation. Much of this legislation involved trying to get true informed consent, parental consent and sensible regulations of clinics. The so-called pro-choice movement has fought every single one of these bills. Each time, they claim that the bill will “drive women back to the back alleys.”

My question: How is the “back alley” any worse than Kermit Gosnell and his chamber of horrors? I knew women who had illegal abortions back before Roe. None of them went through anything as bad as what is described here.

I am not advocating for abortion, either legal or illegal. What I am saying is that the obsessive pro-abortion attitude of our society has led to the empowerment of monsters who prey on women and subject them to “medical” care that is actually worse than the situations they use to justify their position.

There are many reasons why the media has ignored this story. One of them has to be the fact that they have been complicit in creating this situation with their blind defense of abortion, all abortion, under any circumstances, for any reason. They claim that they are doing this for women, but Dr Kermit Gosnell’s chamber of horrors puts that claim in question. 

Before abortion was legalized, proponents promised us a world where crime rates, drug addiction, child abuse would all drop due to the fact that every child would be “wanted.”


They also promised us a world where women no longer would endanger their lives because of dehumanizing back-alley abortions.

The message of Dr Gosnell’s unreported trial is, wrong again.

I think there are many reasons why the pro choice media has tried so hard to ignore this story. I would guess that chief among them is the reality they won’t admit: Kermit Gosnell is the monster they helped build.

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  • FW Ken

    How many women in how many clinics are dying? Hopefully the horrors of “post-birth abortion” and late term abortions will be fully explored and the evil brought to light. But as this review notes, abortion is inherently dangerous:

    Nearly two decades ago, in his classic book Aborting America, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, former abortionist and director of one of the largest abortion clinics in America, noted that abortion tended to attract a “venal band of scoundrels” who were “vicious, even sadistic with patients.” Furthermore, he observed, competent and compassionate physicians either could not long endure the grisly business of abortion, or if they persisted in the trade, their “personality structures” quickly began to “dissolve.” Broken marriages, substance abuse, sexual perversions, and a general alienation from life are rampant among abortionists.

    Thank you, Rebecca, for this post. Maybe at least the worst will cease, though women will still die.

    Forgive me if I posted this before, but it’s worth a second look:

    It’s important to remember that 3 or 4 women went to the hospital in ambulances from this one clinic in one month. That’s aside from the assault on Rae.

  • pagansister

    Guess it is fortunate the 3 women I knew had their procedures carried out in a doctor’s office—not a “clinic”. None of them had any complications—also their procedure was done before 3 months time. Obviously Gosnell wasn’t one of the legitimate doctors who performed abortions and had no conscience in his business. He deserves as much jail time as the law can give him.

    • Markiemarie Works

      97 years old was once , 57 years ols was , 27 years old was ,17 years old was, 7 years old was , 7months gestational age was, 7 weeks gestational age ,was 7 days gestational age,,,,,,from the moment you were concieved there was never a moment when you were not,a person. The Word “Fetus” is a Latin word that means “little one”. Little frog? Little duck> It’s means LITTLE PERSON. A PERSON IS A HUMAN and Killing that “fetus” is wrong-got it?

      • pagansister

        You are most certainly entitled to your view as I am to mine, Markiemarie works.

  • Tracy

    This could not be more wrong-headed. Dr. Gosnell WAS a back alley abortionist. He was not offering legal abortions. Repeat: he was not operating a legal, licensed clinic. He was offering the equivalent of the rusty coat hanger for desperate women. Pro-choice people have been saying, until we are blue in the face, that this is what will happen if we drive safe legal abortion clinics off the map. The void will be filled by people like Gosnell.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Tracy, I don’t want to be rude, but this is claptrap.

      • Tracy

        The problem is not rudeness. The problem is that calling it “claptrap” is not an argument, it is a dismissal.

        Readers might also be directed here, and asked to read every single link within this article about when, where and how Gosnell operated, and why women went to him.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          Tracy, you are correct. It is a dismissal, as in the argument is patently absurd. I’ll leave it for now and see if anyone else wants to take it on.

    • Ted Seeber

      He was licensed. He was inspected- though not in several years because in 1993 they stopped inspecting clinics altogether in his state.

      I cannot describe his operation as illegal because it was legal.

      • Zinnia

        His clinic was legal, but he hadn’t been performing legal abortions there in years. The abortions he was conducting were illegal and far below the standards of 99.9% of other abortion clinics. So, yes, in essence, he was performing back-alley abortions with a legal clinic fronting for him.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          This makes my point Zinnia. The strident refusal to limit abortions by the pro choice crowd was what created the situation for a Kermit Gosnell. I doubt that the’s the only one of his type out there. In fact, I know he’s not.

        • Ted Seeber

          How do you know that his were below the standards of other abortion clinics in the area? They haven’t been inspected since 1993 either.

  • FW Ken

    The Slate article is deeply manipulative. The last sentence says it all: the reason this its coming up now is that the trial started. Shrieking about the evil right is a diversion used by those who have no valid arguments.

    Tracy, I’m embarrassed for you. Abortion has been legal for 40 years. The clinic was licensed. Go read the details of the case and get back to us. Read Bernard Nathanson testimony from experience. Row v. Wade made Gosnell and heaven knows how many other legal butchers.

    Women are dying. It’s an easy google to find case after case, and those are only the ones making the news. Denial won’t cut it anymore.

    It’s been noted in various places that Thursday last was the 50th anniversary of Adolf Wouldn’t’ve trial

    • Zinnia

      Yes, and how many other Kermit Gosnells have there been in 40 years? None? One? I’d say that’s a pretty excellent track record by anyone’s measure. Anti-choice people are always pointing out how many abortions occur per year, so you would think if there were “heaven knows how many other legal butchers” that we would have heard about it by now, right?

      Roe v. Wade did not create this man. Roe v. Wade made it statistically much, much less likely that someone like him could operate. In the days before Roe, there were many more doctors like him, and many more women who were hurt and killed. If anything, the constant politicizing of abortion created him. These women were desperate because, for whatever reason, their time had run out to get an abortion earlier in their gestation period. Did they live in states where waiting periods had been implemented? Were they unable to afford an abortion because there is no public funding for abortion? As the anti-choice movements puts up more and more hurdles to safe abortion, you will get more and more unsafe abortion. This was a horrible tragedy that never should have happened.

      p.s. Bernard Nathanson sounds slightly deranged from that passage that was posted. His characterizations of abortion doctors do not sound like any of the many testimonies from women who have had abortions that I have heard. In fact, most of them describe doctors who were very compassionate and dedicated. And, honestly, you have to be dedicated when you are constantly harassed and have your life threatened by anti-choice zealots.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        Roe v Wade allowed abortion throughout pregnancy, which most certainly created the situation which allowed this man to murder at will and with impunity. There is no reason for a late-term abortion. None. Ever. It is not necessary to save the woman’s life or her health. All you need to do if the mother gets in a medical emergency of some sort is deliver the baby and then try to save it. What happened here is a direct — and logical, I might add — conclusion of the idea that you can kill people with impunity.

      • Ted Seeber

        There are likely millions. We don’t know, because pro-choicers refuse to actually regulate this industry.

  • FW Ken

    Sorry… Wrong button.

    Adolph Eichmann’s trial. The Germans pretended to not know about the death camps. Americans are no different.

  • Deirdra

    They said if people had good dental care it would save lives! Liars! I call for an end to ALL dental care! If God wanted us to have good teeth he would have given us good teeth!

    • Carl

      I recently learned that some cancer clinics operate unsafely, putting patients at risk as well. Clearly this means that all cancer clinics must be shut down to protect patients and that all cancer treatment should be halted.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        This is the second of these non-sequitur comments I’ve seen today. I realize that you are attempting to create a red herring in order to divert attention from the real situation, which is the murderous Dr Gosnell and the fact that the pro choice movement, by its flagrant abuse of anyone who attempted to put limits on the abortion industry, created the situation which allowed him to do these things. Frankly, I’m too horrified by all this to play games. If you have a point, make it. As we tell kindergartners, use words. Otherwise, I’m going to stop allowing these cutesy comments. If you’ve seen two, you’ve seen them all, anyway.

        • Zinnia

          It’s called an analogy.

  • Imelda

    I get goosebumps reading this and thinking about what he had done to the women and children. I suppose there are still many others like him whose crimes have not yet been discovered. I hope this story serves as a lesson for all those advocating abortion.

  • Sus

    If this so called doctor did what he did to puppies, there would be nonstop coverage.

  • Bill S

    This is all part of the hell on earth that is the inner city. These people live in squalor and it is not surprising that a place like this could operate with minimal government interference. Rightly or wrongly, people see welfare babies as a drain on the economy and tax payer’s money. To people familiar with the inner city, this doctor was providing a needed service. He just mismanaged the facility and violated the law against aborting fetuses after the 24th week. He will pay for his carelessness and for flaunting the law.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Oh for pete’s sake Bill. I represent the inner city. This phony-baloney hand-wringing over the “hell on earth that is the inner city” is patronizing and insulting. I mean, deeply insulting.

      As for your comments about Kermit Gosnell, do you understand what he did?

      • Bill S

        “Hell on earth” might have been a bit extreme. I just mean the drug use, prostitution, etc. in a city like Philadelphia. I drove cab in the inner city and saw a lot of people living lifestyles that they could not escape from. I didn’t mean to imply that it is like that for everyone. I grew up in East Boston and enjoyed living there. It was only when I started driving cab at night that I saw the other side.

        Kermit Gosnell had all kinds of money. You would think he would have put some of it into keeping up his workplace. And he should have operated within the law. If a woman went there for eight abortions, it couldn’t be that bad. He did not force anyone to go to him and he basically did what they wanted him to do. He nonetheless still broke the law and will be punished. If more people would use contraceptives, they wouldn’t have to go for abortions.

        • Ted Seeber

          Why would a greedy pro-choicer ever actually put money into care for patients?

          • Bill S

            Why wouldn’t he. If he had, maybe he would not be in so much trouble. If he can’t respect the babies he is killing, he could at least respect the women going through such a traumatic experience. He just added insult to injury.

    • MaryMargaret

      No, he murdered born children and killed at least one woman. He treated white women with consideration and treated the non-white like the scum of the earth. He kept trophies of baby feet. Carelessness? really? He wasn’t careless, he was, apparently, a mass murderer. Murder is the crime for which he should pay. Oh, I will admit that the city of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania should also be prosecuted for their total lack of oversight/inspections. At the very least, all abortion clinics should be held to any other health clinics’ standards. Abortion is an invasive procedure..even if you believe that abortion should be allowed, sure you can admit that it must be held to medical standards?

      • MaryMargaret

        stupid typing…”surely you can admit..etc”

      • Bill S

        I didn’t mean to imply that this man was in peak mental health. Did he do this because he was crazy, or did he go crazy from doing this? In any case, what he did wasn’t pretty but it did for these women what they wanted done. They need to learn about contraception.

        • MaryMargaret

          Wait..that woman wanted to die? Those women wanted to be treated in a substandard clinic? Do you have any evidence that those women did not know about contraception? Evidence, please. What we know, or what has been alleged..Gosnell operated a clinic with horrible hygienic standards, Gosnell became wealthy, Gosnell employed under-aged, under-qualified people to administer anesthesia, Gosnell treated white women differently than others, Gosnell murdered at least 7 newborns and one woman. Some of these seem to be facts: the clinic was substandard in hygiene, Gosnell profited from this clinic, at least one woman died, the government did not do its job to inspect this clinic and force it to adhere to medical standards. Those certainly seem to be facts. Saying that this man was mentally unstable or not culpable..evidence please.

          • Bill S


            You make it sound like I am trying to plead insanity on the part of Dr. Gosnell. There is enough evidence to conclude that he is a severely mentally disturbed man. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t go to jail for violating the law.

            • Rebecca Hamilton

              Actually, there is nothing to indicate that he is mentally ill. We have a tendency as a culture to confuse evil with mental illness. Sometimes they do co-exist, but certainly not always. Evil is not a mental illness. It is a spiritual illness. Conversely, I know people who are mentally ill with serious illnesses such as delusional paranoid schizophrenia who are very good people with great hearts.

              • MaryMargaret

                Bill S..When you say that “was he crazy or did he go crazy from doing this?” sure sounds like you are implying that he was mentally ill to me. You say that there is enough evidence that he was “disturbed”. Citations, please.

                If a person is mentally ill to the point that he cannot rationally determine right from wrong..then he is not evil. His actions may be evil, but he is not personally culpable. No evidence of this in this case, of course. Looks to me like his motive was profit.

  • FW Ken

    Gosnell is the worst, but Carhart is up there. There was also a woman who died in Chicago. And that was in a couple of minutes searching. 3/4 women went to the hospital in one month from one abortion factory.

    Zinnia, you clearly prefer to believe what had long been known: the numbers were cooked. They were tracking the decrease in mortality of all surgeries.

    My hope is that decent people, pro-choice and pro-life both, can unify to stop the infanticide of “post-birth” and post-viability” abortion. Other countries that permit abortion limit it to the first trimester: why can’t we? Women will still die, but fewer, and we can fight about the first trimester later. For God’s sake, let’s do something!

  • pagansister

    FW Ken: “Other countries that permit abortion limit it to the first trimester; why can’t we?” I agree with you—-plenty of time for a woman to make up their mind.

  • MaryMargaret

    just so everyone has apparently disenabled my usual ability to find my websites. I used to be able to just start the address of the websites I frequently visit..and google would fill them in..Not now. Now..this does not happen? Hmmm…wonder why? because I am getting after the media about GIosnell? don’t know..but they appear to be stopping my usual fill-in of websites. Interesting. Might just be a bug..or not.

  • FW Ken

    Get Religion has a CBS report up that notes the doctor originally got in trouble for selling prescription drugs. From what I’ve been reading, he is avaricious – greedy!

    I have no trouble with the notion of “evil”, either, although in 14 years of working with felons, I’ve found that evil people are relatively rare. Most got caught up in stupid stunts that got them some easy money (the love of money really is the root of all evil), some just lack skills to do much but criminal stuff, done do really evil things but hate doing it; they are just broken people, and I find them the saddest. They want so bad to do right, but can’t. Some are rattlesnake mean, well on the way to being evil, and a few are already there.

    From my previous life in mental health services, I can say that Gosnell seems to show some features of mania. It’s possible some dementia is in play, or perhaps a long-standing bi-polar disorder.

    But to be clear, criminal conduct merits punishment, hopefully to bring the perpetrator to repentance, and certainly to protect the community. Especially in cases where the offender is unable to avoid anti-social behavior, its particularly important to incarcerate them.