Last Call! Make Your Catholic Voice Heard!

I stand with the bishops and the Catholic Church on the HHS Mandate. 

If you stand with the bishops as well, look at the alert below and take action! 

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Urgent: Last call to contact the Administration regarding the contraceptive / abortifacient / sterilization mandate!
Dear Friend:If you haven’t done so yet, please email a short comment to the Obama Administration opposing the latest version of the contraceptive/abortifacient/sterilization mandate.  Comments are due this Monday, April 8!

It only takes two minutes to explain to the Administration why its latest “proposed rule” still violates religious freedom and rights of conscience.  Yet it is very important that you make your voice heard!

To learn more about the Administration’s latest proposal, please check out our one-page fact sheet and pass it along to others.  If you’d like to read more, please see the USCCB’snews release and full set of comments on the latest (but largely unchanged) proposal from the Administration.

Please file your comments with the Administration today!  The deadline is Monday, April 8.  Encourage others who support religious freedom and conscience rights to do the same!
According to news reports, over 140,000 comments have been filed with HHS so far – the majority from people concerned about religious freedom!  Thank you to those of you who have already filed comments.  We are grateful for all that you do in support of life and liberty.

P.S. Please forward this action alert to friends and family who share your concern about conscience rights and religious liberty.


Text the word FREEDOM (or LIBERTAD) to 377377 for mobile updates on religious liberty.

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  • Bill S

    When I was at the EPA I had to be aware of proposed and final regulations and when comment periods opened and closed. From my experience with seeing how little impact comments have on the final changes, I can predict that the comments will be addressed in the preamble, which is not the regulation itself. HHS will describe the comments by category and will explain why they could not make the requested changes. It’s all a formality and it has to be done for all proposed regulations before they can be made final. Anyone hoping for major changes will be disappointed. That might seem how the process should work, but it isn’t.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think you’re right Bill. This is another reason why the HHS Mandate is so wrong. It was not passed by a legislative body which is forced by the electoral process to listen to the people. It was promulgated by a hand-picked committee of non-elected people.

      As for the uselessness of the commenting, IF these things are ignored as you predict — and agencies have a long history of ignoring both the public and lawmakers unless the lawmakers use their power to make them listen — the comments are still an important record of public opposition to the Mandate. I say this because the ultimate power here has always resided in Congress. It is their failure to act and rescind this Mandate and require the Health and Human Services department to follow the language in the law that has created this Constitutional crises and tossed the whole thing into the laps of the courts.

      I think it’s important for people to comment for several reasons. This is one of them.