Late-Term Abortion: More Common Than We Know

Kermit Gosnell isn’t the only late-term abortionist in this country.

Most of us know about Gosnell/Tiller/Carhart. What we don’t realize is that many of our hospitals push late-term abortions on women for a variety of reasons. Any pregnant woman can fall prey to this. All she has to do is be pregnant with a baby that might have some sort of problem. The pressure intensifies if she’s doesn’t have money.

I’ve heard these stories from the women themselves and from hospital personnel, particularly nurses and hospital chaplains. Doctors bully, badger women into submitting to late-term abortions. The presumption seems to be that any baby that might have a health problem should be killed and women who refuse to do this are out of line and irresponsible.

The irony is that there is no reason to do a late term abortion.

This is a Live Action video of an undercover person talking to a doctor about late-term abortions.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Bill S

    Although I would not want to say anything that would favor the deprivation of the woman’s right to choose, there certainly does not seem to be any rational reason to have a late term abortion. The video shows how desensitized people can become. I wouldn’t want to make it illegal but I certainly wouldn’t encourage someone to choose to have a late term abortion over giving the baby up for adoption.

  • Theodore Seeber

    Late term abortion is just prejudice against the disabled.

    I have to wonder though- if we ever have a prenatal test for homosexuality, will these doctors allow homosexuals to live?

  • pagansister

    It is ultimately up to the woman, but IMO, there is NO reason to do a late term abortion. I expect there are rare circumstances where the life of the mother and or perhaps the baby are in danger and it is necessary to do a C section to deliver the baby—-but that is not an abortion. Today 6 months babies have survived. If a woman doesn’t want to carry to term— terminate before 3 months. There are times when a problem is detected in the unborn child—-some pretty awful ones—Tay-Sachs for instance. Those would be tough decisions—after delivery the baby lives a horrible, short life. No easy decision sometimes.

    • Theodore Seeber

      I don’t find such lives to be horrible. I find such lives to be courageous and inspiring; useful for proving the modern myth that all suffering must be avoided.

      • pagansister

        Theodore, how is it “courageous and inspiring” that a child with Tay-Sachs, a disease that kills usually before 4 years old, during which time their body mentally and physically deteriorates over those short years? It is a genetic disease that tends to run in a certain Jewish group—don’t remember which one—but have read that sometimes Jewish couples will be tested to see if they carry that gene, and if they do, they chose NOT to have a child, thus preventing the possibility of passing on the gene, or having a child with the disease.

  • FW Ken


    We have men pressuring women to have abortions, since that’s cheaper than 18 years of child support

    We have parents pressuring women to have abortions to avoid social embarrassment, not to mention possible costs of raising another child.

    And now we have the medical establishment pressuring women to have abortions for their reason Tell me again about the woman’s “right to chose”.

    Late term abortion and “post-birth” abortion are infanticide.

  • Ssouth

    Pagansister, I’m curious how you have drawn a line at the 3 month mark? What is it about that point that no longer makes it okay to terminate?

    • pagansister

      Ssouth, the post from me, 7:22 pm was meant in response to your question–forgot to address it to you.

  • pagansister

    With today’s “home kits” a woman knows she is pregnant almost immediately. If Mother Nature doesn’t intervene with a miscarriage—which usually occurs in the first trimester–the woman has much more than enough time to make up her mind about continuing or not. At that point the fetus is around 1 oz in weight, and 3-4 inches long, doesn’t feel pain. No chance at all for survival. My wish would be that all babies would be wanted, whether planned or not, but if not wanted, either have the termination before the end of the 3rd month, or carry to term and put it up for adoption. Options should be given by the agency /doctor who would be doing the procedure. For some women, carrying to term is not an option, due to circumstances in their lives. I’ve known at 3—all done early and no regrets from any of them.