No Abortion Workers = No Abortions

April 8, 2013 is National Leave the Abortion Industry Day.

Abby Johnson and her coworkers at And Then There Were None picked the date at random.

And Then There Were None is a pro-life ministry created by Johnson to give abortion workers who want to leave the industry the tools to do so. Johnson and her co-workers created National Leave the Abortion Industry Day, also known as Exodus 2013, to encourage abortion workers seeking to get out of the industry by giving them a day they could band together in solidarity.

They didn’t realize that April 8 is the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord as well as Holocaust Remembrance Day. On top of that, Exodus 2013 is the Bible verse that says Thou shalt not kill.

Johnson said that when she and her coworkers discovered all these connections, they “didn’t think there was any coincidence,”

All I can say is that And Then There Were None is a much-needed ministry. People who leave the abortion industry are wounded. Those who tried to leave in the past had to walk out alone. This often meant losing every friend and every bit of emotional support they had, in addition to losing their livelihoods.

I believe many more abortion workers would leave, but they are afraid. Abby Johnson, by showing them that there is support  waiting for them, is doing a wonderful pro life work.

The equation is simple: No abortion workers = No abortions


.- Former abortion clinic manager Abby Johnson is organizing a day – called “Exodus 2013” – for abortion workers seeking to leave the industry to band together in solidarity and encouragement.

“We kind of thought picking one particular day might bring about a sense of camaraderie,” Johnson told CNA, “that they might all feel a little more courageous if they know they’re doing it with other people.”

“Exodus 2013 – National Leave the Abortion Industry Day” will take place across the country on April 8, helping workers wishing to leave the abortion industry to gather both the courage and resources to do so.

Johnson said that contact with pro-life organizations, including 40 Days for Life, helped her to leave her job as the director of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in 2009.

She later became a pro-life advocate and founded an organization called “And Then There Were None” to help abortion workers find the information, support and funds to leave the abortion business.

The group offers emotional support and arranges for counseling, because “these workers have seen and participated in things the general public wouldn’t be able to stomach,” Johnson explained. In addition, spiritual care from one’s religious tradition can be arranged for those who want it.

The organization is also able to provide pro-bono legal assistance through its partnership with legal firm Alliance Defending Freedom for individuals who are prosecuted by the abortion clinics. Since the ministry’s start last June, 47 abortion clinic workers have left the abortion industry with Johnson’s help.

“We’ve had amazing success through our ministry,” she said, “and we just kind of thought – maybe if we could get a day where we asked people to just pick up and leave the abortion industry…it would at least be good exposure to let clinic workers know that there is a resource for them.”

The name “Exodus 2013” was initially chosen simply to suggest a large number of people leaving the abortion industry in 2013, Johnson explained, and the date of the event was picked purely at random.

Later, however, Johnson realized that April 8 would be the celebration of the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, which was moved in the Catholic liturgical calendar from its normal date of March 25 due to Holy Week and the Octave of Easter. The Catholic feast day celebrates the announcement of the archangel Gabriel to Mary that she was to conceive Jesus by the Holy Spirit. (Read the rest here.)

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  • pagansister

    She will probably get some people coming to her organization who wish to retire/leave this particular medical field. However, IMO, there will always be some who feel that there is a need for a safe place for those women who need that service and they wish to be there for those women.

    • Theodore Seeber

      The problem being that the service itself is inherently unsafe.

      • pagansister

        True, especially if it is done by the woman to herself or by a “butcher”. Thus the need for a safe, clean environment.

        • Theodore Seeber

          Even in a clean environment, one of the two patients is intended to leave dead, thus I question the use of the term “safe”. The safe thing would be to continue the pregnancy.

          • pagansister

            “The safe thing would be to continue the pregnancy”. Not always, Theodore, not always. :-(

  • Guest

    “there is a need for a safe place for those women who need that service”
    That service… You know, it occurred to me the other day that healthy pets in this country have more legal protections from euthanasia by their owners (including criminal charges for those who kill their pets) than a healthy baby has legal protections (none) from abortion by their mother.

    • pagansister


      • Guest

        Frankly pagansister, that is about the most disgusting remark I have ever seen on this Catholic forum.

  • Bill S

    What makes abortion seem so terrible (aside from the Catholic Church, which has its own vested interests) is the maternal instincts that women have inherited through natural selection. This is the main reason why people like Abby Johnson and other abortion clinic workers decide to leave the business.

    Our natural inclination is to pass on our genes. This is the sole reason for our affection for babies. Passing on our genes has nothing to do with “God’s Will” and everything to do with survival of the species. We are free to ignore our natural inclinations since our species will survive without our contribution.

    • Theodore Seeber

      Of course, for those of us who are theistic evolutionists, God’s Will and The Survival of the Species is one and the same.

  • Korou

    And thank God for them!

  • FW Ken

    The sad part is that women were likely safer when abortion was illegal and abortionists were doctors and midwives with a vested interest in not calling attention to themselves. We know the numbers were cooked that led to abortion becoming the cause back in the day. We know that deaths from abortion tracked those of other surgical procedures and that the introduction of antibiotics made all surgeries safer. Compare that to today’s wham, bam, thank you m’am, pay at the door, politically protected abortion factories. Gosnell is the too of the iceberg of dead and damaged women. That’s not counting the half of dead babies that are female.