Or … Maybe Kidnapped Bishops HAVEN’T Been Released

I am not sure what the situation is concerning the two Orthodox Archbishops who were kidnapped yesterday.
News reports from reputable sources said they had been released.

Now, a new report from Pravmir.com, Orthodox Chrisitianity and the World says they are still captive. Please pray for these brave men of God.

Here, without editing, is the Pravmir.com report:

Release Reports False

April 23, 2013

There have appeared many reports in both the Eastern and Western press that the two hierarchs who were abducted yesterday by terrorists in Syria, Metropolitan Boulos Yazge, Antiochian Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo, and Archbishop Youhanna Ibrahim, Syriac Archbishop of Aleppo, have been released. His Eminence Metropolitan Philip spoke by phone this morning to His Beatitude John X, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East (pictured), who said that these reports are false, and that the release of these two hierarchs has NOT taken place.

We ask you to continue to pray for their safety, and eventual release.

Confirmed updates will be published as soon as they are known.

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  • Yae

    I am praying that they truly are released as was reported and if not, well, still praying for their safe return, unharmed and safe. I am also praying for all who are suffering as a result of another terrible war in the Middle East. Come quickly Lord Jesus and renew the face of the earth!

  • pagansister

    Rebecca, any more new on the fate of the Bishops? I haven’t heard anything on regular new outlets aoub this to begin with.

  • pagansister

    Let’s hope there is good news soon——-:-)

  • Dale

    The website of an Italian newspaper is reporting that the president of Turkey has spoken, via telephone, with one of the bishops. However, there is still no information regarding a ransom demand.