Parents: Moved to Tears After Pope Hugs Their Disabled Son

The parents of a disabled little boy were speechless and moved to tears when Pope Francis cradled the child and kissed him.

I watched the video, and it brought a lump to my throat as well.

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  • Yae

    I stayed up late at night to watch the Easter Sunday Mass and I remember as Papa Francis made his way around the square. So many happy pilgrims! I remember the moment too of how he held the little boy so tenderly and kissed and hugged him. It was a very touching moments. You know as well as I do Rebecca, that there are many more touching and memorable moments to come.

    My prayers for the coming months are going to focused on Papa Francis’s busy schedule. I am going to be praying that our Lord Jesus Christ grant him renewed vigor, joy, and strength of mind, body and soul.
    I read earlier, he will be celebrating many more public Masses including the ordination of priests and canonization of some 800 saints and presiding at a Mass where some will be confirmed. So being that soon it will be getting warmer and perhaps more crowded, well, he is going to need all the prayer he can get. ^^

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you for this beautiful comment. I pray for our papa and thank God for him every day.

  • Yae

    I watched this on Fox News. I am not sure you have seen it but it seems the father of the little boy, whose name is Dominic by the way, well, he is said to have written a 1000 word essay on his reflections of the encounter between his little son and our Holy Father. I hope to be able to read it. If you should come across it I hope you share it on your blog.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      If I find it, I’ll publish it. Thanks for the heads-up.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        I found it, and published it. Thanks again for telling me about it!

  • Dana Dillon

    Paul Gondreau’s essay reflecting on his family’s experience is here.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you for this link. What a beautiful moment.

  • Indy

    That was amazing… it touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing to not only that little boy but to all of us who long for the love of the Lord. God bless the Pope.

  • pagansister

    Just read the father’s comment. Wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be repeating this information—but if I remember correctly, the little boy and his family are from Providence, RI, and as mentioned above, the father is studying in Rome. ABC news mentioned this when they broadcasted the video of Pope Frances hugging & blessing Dominic. What joy and love is shown on little Dominic’s face. a lasting, wonderful memory for him and his family.