Convicted Child Molesting Priest Resigns: Does that Make it All Better?


“The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep.”

 Jesus Christ

Frank Weathers, who blogs at Why I am Catholic, has the story.

Father Fugee, the convicted child molester, has resigned. Archbishop Myers, who put him back with kids after his conviction, has accepted his resignation.


Rather than go through another trial, prosecutors required Father Fugee to undergo counseling – which I assume they thought would make him all better – then they required him to sign a document promising he wouldn’t be around children anymore. 


You may remember Father Fugee. He’s the New Jersey priest who pled guilty to child sexual abuse and whose conviction was subsequently vacated on a technicality by an appellate court.

Archbishop Myers is the New Jersey archbishop who also signed the document promising that Father Fugee wouldn’t be around children. It sounds like the prosecutors tossed this child molestor back into the same place where he had committed his original crimes on the basis that he had promised them he wouldn’t do it again.

Prisons are costly enterprises. Just think how much money we could save in Oklahoma if we were smart like these New Jersey prosecutors. We never thought about asking felons to promise us they wouldn’t do it again. Think how much money we’ve wasted, locking people up, when all we had to do was get them to promise us they wouldn’t do it ever, ever, ever, again.

Of course, Archbishop Myers, who was Father Fugee’s supervisor the first time he sexually abused children, needed to promise that he wouldn’t do it again, too. That fixed it. No problems now.


When the Archbishop got caught recently, breaking his promise, well, all we needed was for him to explain that he hadn’t done anything wrong. Which he did. He sent a letter to the priests in his archdiocese, explaining to them that he had not violated the rules he helped write to govern bishops concerning how they handle child sex abusers.


When ignorant people who don’t understand continued their outrage, it was time to drain the boil. Father Fugee resigned and the Archbishop accepted his resignation.


I think — not know, think — Father Fugee agreed to exit stage left and Archbishop Myers “promptly” accepted his resignation because the two of them talked it over and decided it was the best way to save the Archbishop’s bacon.

The rest of us, of course, are expected to wipe our brows, go whew! I’m glad that’s over. And fergitaboutit.

According to a article, Father Fugee “submitted his request to leave ministry,” and “Archbishop Myers promptly accepted the resignation.” I hate feeling this way about one of the bishops of the Church, but that sounds like one fine case of professional courtesy to me.


Again, I hate saying things like this about a bishop of the Church, but when I have to choose between the bishop and following Jesus, the bishop loses. According to another article, Archbishop Myers has a history of things like this.


Myers and his aides say the archdiocese has taken aggressive measures to identify abusive priests.

In other cases:

 - In 2004, the Newark Archdiocese wrote letters to six dioceses in Florida on behalf of the Rev. Wladyslaw Gorak, one week after learning Gorak’s ministry had been terminated in the Orlando Diocese — after he was accused of breaking into a woman’s home.

- Also in 2004, the archdiocese banned the Rev. Gerald Ruane from public ministry after investigating an allegation he molested a boy, but did not publicly notify lay people or other priests. Ruane continued to say Mass and wear his collar in public.

- In 2007, the archdiocese failed to inform lay people that it found a molestation claim credible against the Rev. Daniel Medina, who had worked in parishes in Elizabeth and Jersey City. The case wasn’t made public until a victims group uncovered an alert sent by the archdiocese in September 2008 to other bishops saying Medina was on administrative leave and could not be located.


Neither Myers nor the priests identified above would agree to an interview for this story. But Myers’ spokesman, James Goodness, said the archbishop has lived up to his promises of 2002 and that the archdiocese has carefully followed procedures meant to bar abusive priests from ministry. He said it has trained thousands of church employees to spot molestation, published procedures for filing sex accusations against priests and passed annual audits examining whether it keeps its promises. He noted, too, that the archdiocese has an agreement with the state Attorney General’s Office to forward all allegations of sexual misconduct to county prosecutors.

“We do not have priests in ministry without proper supervision, and those who have had credible allegations have been removed from ministry,” Goodness said. “We do notify the communities where people (priests) have served of the existence of allegations and the results of all our inquiries.

“We believe we are living both within the letter and the spirit of the charter,” he said.

One thing that troubles me is all this debate about whether or not Archbishop Myers followed the guidelines the bishops set up in Dallas. I don’t care if he followed those guidelines or not.

  1. He deliberately, with full knowledge of what he was doing, put innocent children in harm’s way.
  2. He violated the trust of every Catholic on this planet that our bishops will follow Jesus and shepherd us in the Way.
  3. He knew what he was doing.
  4. When he got caught, he wrote a letter explaining how he hadn’t done anything wrong by putting a convicted child molester back with kids. He based this on a set of guidelines that he helped write.

Let’s get off the guidelines and take a look at the Gospels of Christ. This man did not follow Jesus. He did not do his job of caring for the welfare of the people that the Lord God has entrusted to him.

Father Fugee resigned and Archbishop Myers promptly accepted his resignation.


Does that make it all better?

Not for me, it doesn’t. Archbishops Myers refuses to even promise that he won’t do it again. In fact, he tells us he didn’t do it in the first place.

To top it off, if that article is accurate, he has a history of doing things like this. I repeat a question I said yesterday: Has he ever heard of Jesus Christ?


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  • Judy Jones

    It would appear that Archbishop John J. Myers may have blatantly broken the law, let alone the fact that he broke his own “zero tolerance” child protection policy. He keeps making up his own rules just to cover himself, and now Fr Fugee has resigned? Lies tend to catch up with you sooner or later, and we just hope that Fugee has not harmed another child.
    It is extremely rare that a child predator has only one victim. Child predators need to be kept far away from kids forever, and the church officials know this.
    So let’s hope that every person who saw, suspects or may has been harmed by Michael Fugee, will find the courage and strength to speak up and contact police, no matter how long ago the abuse happened.
    Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511.,
    “SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

  • Kevin O’Brien

    Rebecca, I have written a concession speech for Archbishop Myers. I wonder if he’ll use it – .

    • Kay Goodnow

      Kevin, I just read the speech that you wrote for Myers. BRAVO! Would that he would use it, but he won’t. He is too proud, as are they all. I do believe that brighter days are coming as each new day brings further revelations of the dame done, and the attempted hiding of crimes against humanity. Your effort is much appreciated!

  • Jessica Hoff

    How horrible – seems some people are incapable of learning.

  • mortimer zilch

    when Fr. Fugee was PROMOTED by Archbishop Myers to head the office of spiritual formation for priests, it also meant that they two could LIVE TOGETHER under the same roof – the home of the Archbishop. I am not totally certain of that, but am referring to reliable second hand reportage. Then, when Fr. Fugee was moved to St. Michael’s Hospital – a post which was in violation of the procedures of the UCCB – where did he then live, if not continuing to live with the Archbishop at his residence? Were they lovers? Was this favored treatment due to a special bond Fugee shared with the Archbishop? Do we have something like that on our hands in Newark, something even beyond Cardinal O’Brien of Scotland. Who KNOWS? Come forth!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Mortimer, are you certain of this? Can you corroborate it? These are explosive claims, and again, I don’t allow ugly gossip or speculation that leans toward calumny.

  • mortimer zilch

    …and was/IS Fr. Doran, the vicar for priests, aware of this special bond with Myers and Fugee, and is he complicit with it? Fr. Doran says mass at the cathedral every Sunday…does he too live at the chancery with Fugee and Myers…and bishop Cruz? who all knows what’s really going on? Someone is going to have to break ranks and talk…for TRUTH…and we know who TRUTH is…Jesus, the Lord.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it sounds like gossip. Let’s stay away from that and just go with the facts as we have them.

  • Kay Goodnow

    Rebecca, thank you for writing this. Unfortunately, like instances are being reported daily in every diocese in the USA and with similar coverage around the world. You will probably be attacked for being a “cafeteria catholic,” but be assured that your conscience is what matters… and many of us are learning the hard way that we have been brainwashed from birth. You are appreciated!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you. I am a Jesus loving Catholic.

  • FW Ken

    I would be interested in knowing about those “like instances” being reported daily in every diocese.

    Speaking of gossip. Slander, perhaps? Detraction, at the least.

  • pagansister

    He resigned? Big deal! He belongs in jail and the key thrown away. Now he can just go out and find other children and continue to molest them in another place beside a Catholic parish. Unfortunately he will probably re-offend. I do not believe there is a “cure” for men like him. Why hasn’t the Church done anything to those who covered it up?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      That was the prosecutor’s doing, not the Church. Where did they get the idea that counseling and a promise would change a child molester?

      • kelly kujawa

        February 1st 2013 former pastor at Blessed sacrament poarish st. paul minnesota was dsentenced to 5 years in a level 4 prison for molesting two brothers 12 and 13 years old. Judge rightly stated he was dangerous to our c ommunity.our diocese of st. paul minnesota cooperated with police and other civil athorities to protect children and church needs to do this always.

        • pagansister

          Excellent, kelly! At least one molester is serving time!

  • pagansister

    Misunderstood who had turned him loose, Rebecca. I think the prosecutor needs a little (or a lot) of education on child molesters! They seriously thought that his promise and agreeing to counseling would “cure” him? WOW! What planet are they from? It is just sad all the way around.

  • FW Ken

    The failures of the criminal justice system are a huge untold story in the sexual abuse of children.