Ssssssh … Baby’s Sleeping

Your comments aren’t gone. They’re just sleeping.

Public Catholic is just now undergoing the surgery I told you about a few weeks ago. Your comments are being transferred to a new system, which means they’ve gone … wherever this stuff goes when computers are doing their high jinks. 

Everything will right itself in a few days. Your comments will come back from dreamland and we can go back to cussing and discussing as usual. 


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  • Dale

    “we can go back to cussing and discussing as usual. ”

    Yay! We can cuss now! Thank you, Disqus!


  • Manny

    I prefer the old comment format than the Disqus. Plus I could not post one off my blackberry when Anchoress first transfered over. I’ll have to try again.

  • pagansister

    Other posts have Disqus so I had registered previously. Actually I too prefer the older format but it is what it is, I guess. Won’t keep me from commenting–even if some wish I wouldn’t. :-)

  • Dale

    Being required to log into Disqus is a pain. On the other hand, I like the ability to edit what we posted, just in case there is a typo or a formatting problem.

    And I like the ability to look at the history of what a person has previously posted. It gives me a sense of their posting style and a perhaps some context for understanding where they are coming from.