THE TRUTH !!!!!!!

from Susan Lepak

All you moms, enjoy. Everyone else, go hug your mom and tell her Thank You!



  • greenlightlady

    Thanks for mentioning you were a homeschool Mom. I am about to enter year 11 of homeschooling our 3. Their mom is learning as much as they are!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to really learn something is to teach it.

  • cindyhfrench

    I lost my mom 3 1/2 years ago-well really 5 years ago when she had a devastating stroke and changed so much. But before that, there wasn’t a person in her vicinity that my Mom wouldn’t tell about Jesus and what He had done for her. It is because of her, that I am a praying, studying the Word Mom myself. God took what she started with me and with my permission has turned me inside out! I had a pulmonary embolism last week and have a DVT. I will have to have treatment for a long time to come. In the hospital for a week and a day, this time, but God was having me rest and He was speaking to me about the Trinity and Hebrews 1 & 2. All week that’s what I read, slept and dreamed about. I hope I can start Part 2 tonight. But God was doing other things too, people who I have been witnessing to-in other world faiths-have come to pray to MY GOD FOR ME. I believe this opens the door of communication between that person and My God and have told them so. I thought they wouldn’t be happy, but they are, Hallelujah! I think they are just waiting for God to call their names. So this was absolutely worth it in everyway!!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Cindy!

  • McDermott Footcare
    • Rebecca Hamilton

      De nada.

  • The Catholic Nomad: Reclaiming the Sacred

    That is so cute!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thanks. I thought so too.

  • Mr. V.

    Ha! That last picture, I’d wager, is what a lot of men would really want to be doing right now as well. Having just one morning where I don’t have to do anything but just lay on the sofa and veg. :D

  • Rebecca Hamilton

    I think you’re right. We ALL want to be doing that! Enjoy your morning. Veg for both of us.

  • Brook

    My children are adults, but I love this! Thank you!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think every mother can identify with it!

  • thoughtsfromanamericanwoman

    I love it…and may I add – God bless all moms (and dads) who homeschool – nothing is more important than teaching our children. I wish I had more information on homeschooling when my children were younger. Patty

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Patty.

  • rsmunchel

    Love it! Love IT! too much fun, too funny and way too on the mark!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I felt exactly the same when I first saw it.

  • pagansister

    Too Cool, Rebecca! Thanks. My Mom died in 2002, but is constantly with me. Hope you are having a wonderful Mother’s Day. :-)

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri