What it Means to be Catholic

What does it mean to be Catholic? This video gives some thoughtful answers to that question.

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  • Bill S

    The real truth is irrelevant. The Catholic Church would be what has become today even if there were no God, no truth to Bible, no resurrection, no ascension or assumption, no afterlife, etc. None of these must be true for the Catholic Church to be what it is today. It just takes faith.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Have you never experienced anything of God Bill? God is a reality, someone rather than some thing. I have experienced His presence and His love. Can you honestly say that you haven’t?

      What I’ve noticed more and more in you as you come to this blog is an increasing bitterness in the things you say. I don’t allow most of your angry bitterness onto the blog, but it is there. Why are you so angry if you’ve found the “truth?”

    • Theodore Seeber

      How? Without the Holy Spirit infusing us with Charity, Unity, and Fraternity, exactly how would we have accomplished anything at all?

      When was the last time you saw a secular government joining together with Atheists to build a Cathedral? Or run a homeless shelter? Or even build a hospital? Would the university system have ever evolved without God?

      Or to continue our later discussion- without God to motivate the very quarks, leptons, and bosons (what, you thought they moved at random? Or on their own?) there’d be no matter or energy to study, let alone us.

      Your truth is truthy. Our Truth is real.

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  • Bill S

    I needed Catholicism to be true. I staked my whole life on it. I can’t say that I’ve been lied to because the people who told me these things believed it themselves. But I am angry about being misled. My eyes have been opened by the new atheists. I believe them, not religious teachings. You can say that they are wrong, but I don’t think so. My life has not gotten any better, but it makes more sense. I can see what I would have done with my life instead of praying.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      You confirm what I’ve always thought. You bought the nonsense of the new atheists. No wonder you’re bitter. They are bitter, angry people with nothing to offer. They didn’t open your eyes Bill. They closed your heart.

    • Theodore Seeber

      Why believe them at all? They’re logically inconsistent, and morally chaotic at best.

  • Bill S

    “They are bitter, angry people with nothing to offer.”

    That’s why I only associate with Catholics even if I don’t believe what they do. I admit that they strive to be good and that makes them worth hanging out with. It still doesn’t make what they believe true.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Stop going in circles like a hamster Bill. You associate with Catholics because they have the only hope there is. I don’t think you’re an atheist. I think you’re angry with God because you don’t think He loves you, that He rejects you.

      This is not true. The one who rejects you is you. Not God.

    • Theodore Seeber

      If what we believe isn’t true- then why does it work? Isn’t truth judged by observation for the true scientist, rather than wishful thinking like it is for the atheist?

  • Bill S

    I associate with Catholics because they are good people. They do have joy and hope and that makes them fun to hang out with.

    I’m not angry at God because I can’t be angry at someone who I don’t believe in. The best that I can do is live a typical Italian-American Catholic life and go along with all the Christenings, First Communions, Confirmations, Weddings, etc. and keep my atheist thoughts to myself.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I read ALL your posts Bill. You are a very angry person.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    That was great. Thanks a bunch!

  • Bill S

    “I read ALL your posts Bill. You are a very angry person.”

    Well, thank you for taking the time to do that. It’s not like you have nothing better to do with your time. I won’t take up any more of it (for now).

  • midwestlady

    This is what can happen when we don’t make it really clear what the biblical purpose of the Church is. It’s not a hereditary club or a strange ancient temperance society. It’s a religion. A religion about the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
    People can stake their lives only on the cultural appearances and it’s a very dangerous thing when that happens. And it happens much more often than anyone wants to admit.

    • midwestlady

      And there’s one other thing that has to be made very clear. This is not only ABOUT Jesus. This is WITH Jesus. We don’t do this in his memory as though he was someone dead or long gone and far away. In Christianity, we are each called to a relationship with God, a personal relationship. We pray, meaning we talk to God personally. He is in our lives, each of our lives. He’s not just some community-owned statue of a dead person or a fictional person which is what you usually hear. He’s not that at all. He’s alive and he’s available for you to talk to, anytime you bow your head to pray.