CSPAN Coverage of the Religious Freedom Conference

A reader sent me the link to the CSPAN coverage of the religious freedom conference. If the issue of religious freedom in America is important to you, I think the entire conference is worth watching, even though it does take time.

If you just want to watch me, my part of it begins at 33.30 in the first panel. You can find it here.

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  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    Rebecca you were outstanding! You spoke completely extemporaneously and you were powerful. I never saw you look down at a note. You are a wonderful public speaker. I’m impressed, and I would wear that “Public Intellectual” label as an honor. Actually you were so eloquent I think you should be the national speaker/advocate on the issue. If you decide to leave office, you might look into that if such a position exists. One last thing, I hope I never made your crazy file…lol.

    • hamiltonr

      Thanks Manny.

      You’ve never even come close to my crazy file … you’re in the virtual friend file.