Simcha Fisher is Coming to Patheos! Woo-Hoo!

Simcha fisher

The two best things about writing at Patheos are the incredible readers I’ve met and the equally incredible fellow bloggers I’ve come to know.

The Catholic Portal is chock full of witty, intellectual, thoughtful writers who awe me every day with their faithfulness to the faith, their kindness to one another and their overall awesomeness as writers.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, here comes Simcha Fisher. I have a friend who’s kind of like Simcha: 9 great kids, happy life, does it all and does it well. Not that either one of them would say such a thing.

Simcha’s blog is replete with stories of her humanness, and her strength, entertwined around one another to make for a delightful mix of who I’d like to be and who I really like. I am so glad she’s decided to hang her hat here at Patheos.

I have a feeling that once you’ve read her work, you will be too.

Welcome aboard the good ship Patheos Simcha! I am so glad you’re here.

Check out Simcha’s blog, I Have to Sit Down.


  • pagansister

    Am looking forward to reading what Simcha has to say. Already clicked on your link to her site. Her picture of the Venus of Willendorf at the top of her post got my attention immediately1 :-)

  • Bill S

    She is the only other blogger to censor me. She had me blocked for a week (ok a couple of days) from commenting on any article in the National Catholic Register. I had to apologize for hijacking her site. It was when I was on a stationary bike and had nothing to break the boredom. I explained that to her and she got me reinstated. Small world. I’ll have to check her out.