I Believe

I taught my kids the Apostles Creed when they were little.

During the homeschooling years, we prayed the Apostles Creed after our daily Bible study every morning. We were Protestants at that time and I wanted to prepare them for the marketplace of ideas and ideologies that make up the wide world of many denominations. I told them that if a church did not believe what the Apostles Creed teaches, then it was not a true church and they should not join it.

If I was raising my kids today, I would have to take on a plethora of attacks on the Gospels, many of which are more subtle than simply denying the basic tenets of the faith that the Apostles Creed teaches. However, I think my original way of looking at the subject is still valid. A church — or a person, for that matter — who denies the basics contained in the creeds is missing the essentials of what constitutes Christian belief.

I view the Apostles Creed as the bedrock statement of the faith, the non-negotiable foundation on which everything else the Gospels teach is built.

What do you believe?

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  • FW Ken

    It’s the anniversary of the Roswell incident, and here’s a post titled “I believe”…
    Ok, seriously, I remember trying to teach my older godson the Apostles Creed. He liked riding around on my back, but was stubborn about matters spiritual. His younger brother, on the other hand, took to these things like a duck to water. He would sit on my lap while I read the bible to him, and we would talk about the Lord. Well, both grew up to be fine men, but the older one is still stubborn.