Pope Francis: Making Disciples of All Nations at WYD

Adoring crowds greeted Pope Francis in Rio.

The first video below shows his arrival, the first formal remarks at WYD. The second video discusses the impromptu remarks he made to the press on the flight from Rome.

Pray for our Holy Father, that God will give him the stamina to get through this week. I often think of the sacrifice he is making to take on this great responsibility at his age. Every day must be an act of love for our Savior. God bless this good and holy man.

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  • pagansister

    Even though Brazil is a very Catholic nation, I think I remember hearing on NPR that the Evangelicals are makings steady progress in the country.

    • FW Ken

      From what I read, the Brazilians used to be 92% Catholic (self-identified), but that figure is now 65%. That is probably a real drop, although some of it could be due to other factors.

    • savvy

      Yes, because the Pentecostals are not ashamed of Jesus Christ. Sometimes social justice without evangelization gets boring.

      • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

        It’s not so much that as that the Church was a good deal less rooted in Latin American societies than people imagined. A statistic from the Vatican I read years ago spoke by itself: in all other continents – North America, Europe, Asia, Africa – poor and rich, missionary and old country, the number of priests per baptized Catholic was everywhere between 1 to 2000 and 1 to 2200. IN Latin America, it was 1 to 7800. The Pentecostals are filling the spaces that the Church never did, setting up a genuine ground-level structure and performing the services – beginning with friendly advice – that the parish priest performs elsewhere. And in Brazil the situation was particularly grave, because whole urban areas of hundreds of thousands of people at a time had grown without planning or permission and very rarely with any church structure at all.

        • savvy

          ‘Social justice’ apart from evangelization drives youth away from Christianity, says new study


          • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

            If you never meet a priest in your life you will never know whether or not he is ashamed of Jesus, says recent study carried out by Fabio Paolo Barbieri.

            • savvy

              I am Catholic and I know priests. I was not talking about them, but about the fact that for so many Catholics, Catholicism is about tribal loyalty, like our in-house Catholic atheist Bill.

              • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

                That’s an issue, but I don’t think it’s much of one in Latin America. Poor education and worse catechization seem to me more urgent.

  • teresa

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