The War on Girls: Egg Harvesting and the Exploitation of Young Women Results in Death

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Eggsploitation, or, as I call it, egg harvesting, is a deadly new form of prostitution, made possible by a combination of modern science, doctors who are willing to exploit, sell and endanger healthy patients in order to make money for themselves and a culture that regards women as a commodity to be bought and sold.

A recent death in India highlights the dangers:

SAN RAMON, Calif., July 13, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – News is just breaking in India aboutSushma Pandey, a 17-year-old young woman who died in 2010, two days after her third “egg donation.” Her death is being attributed to the procedures used to extract eggs from healthy, desirable young females like Ms. Pandey. These eggs are often resold to affluent westerners for use in commercial production of their children. Her post-mortem report states she had “one abrasion, four contusions and a blood clot in the head, plus six injection marks” as well as “congestion in the ovaries and uterus.” The possible cause of her death was listed as shock due to multiple injuries.

This most recent exposure of the daily exploitation of females offers yet another wake up call to the truth of the real, repeat, and often lethal harms of invasive egg removal procedures, which masquerade under the lie of donation. These transactions are anything but “donations” as young females — nearly children themselves — all over the world, desperately fall prey to offers of money like those made to Ms. Pandey. (Read more here.)

Here in the United States, egg harvesters run ads on Craigslist, college campus newspapers, Facebook and other social media, enticing healthy young women to undergo this dangerous procedure and allow egg harvesters (i.e., “infertility doctors”) to harvest their bodies for their eggs. The eggs are then sold for embryonic stem cell research and for “family building,” usually for gay couples.

The doctors who do this in Oklahoma misrepresent both the dangers and the suffering involved in submitting to egg harvesting. I assume they do this other places, as well. Based on conversations I’ve had with many of them, the young women in question often experience life-long health problems, including subsequent infertility, as a result of allowing doctors to harvest their bodies for eggs.

Jennifer Lahl, of the The Center for Bioethics and Culture is a remarkable woman who is fighting this evil. I have had the honor of working with her on legislation in the past. She is selfless in her dedication to end the exploitation of young women at the hands of unethical and predatory medical professionals. You can learn more about her work here.

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  • JessicaHof

    Horrifying. What has our society become?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think it is reverting; To a time before Christ when paganism ruled and the human person was nothing.

      • JessicaHof

        That’s what I fear. From the start Christians stood out in favour of life – and they still do – but my goodness, the darkness that is falling around us!

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          I know. It is terrible. But we are still called to be the light. In this time, that calling is critical.

          • JessicaHof

            Yes, you are right. That’s why it is so important that the trumpet gives a clear sound – and why your efforts are so appreciated.

            • Rebecca Hamilton

              Thank you Jessica. It’s why I’m doing this.

              • JessicaHof

                And it is why so many of us tune in an cheer you on – we mean it, we know we need more people like you. Unfortunately, as the wife of a serving soldier, I can’t get involved in politics – but I can cheer people on :)

                • Rebecca Hamilton

                  You DO cheer me on! Thank you, friend Jessica.

                  • JessicaHof

                    You’re most welcome Ma’am :)

  • lilyboat

    Thank you for your work in spreading the truth. so much deceiving going on in every area– it’s horrifying.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Lily!

  • Brook

    This is horrible…thank you for speaking out against yet another exploitation of women.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Brook. Yes, it is horrible.

  • Ed

    Unfortunately, this isn’t something new. In 2004 a book was published entitled “Confessions of a Serial Egg Donor” written by Julia Derek, a woman who “donated” eggs 12 times for tens of thousands of dollars. I haven’t read the book yet, so I can’t comment on whether it’s a good book or not, but it may be worthwhile reading to see how the fertility business is targeting young college women trying to make money.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      No. It’s not new.

      I’ve read the book you’re referring to, and also talked to women who have been seriously injured by allowing doctors to harvest their eggs. The most common injury among the women I talked to was a loss of their own fertility; also all sorts of various long-term health problems.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for posting about our film. We’ve been pleased with the success in educating people, especially young women, about the short- and long-term dangers of egg ‘donation’ practices. And happy to report that we’ve gotten support from women on both sides of the abortion debate. It’s nice to bring people together for common cause!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Hi Jennifer!

      It’s great to see you here. I am humbled by your dedication. You are doing God’s work.

  • Dominic

    Rebecca thanks for “eggs-posing” this terrible trend, even alive here in the land of the free. Keep up the great work.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you doctor. I fear we are moving into a world where people are just products, like any other commodity. I wonder, will any of us be safe in that kind of world?

  • Biltrix

    This is just freaky. It is so freaky that most people would just ignore it, like “tell it to someone else.” College newspapers are also posting adds for sperm donors that meet specific qualifications, like the ones mentioned in the video. The implications are almost — I don’t want to say it — Nazi, if you think about it (and even if you don’t think about it).

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think you hit on the reason why people let crimes against humanity slide by and focus on trivialities. They feel overwhelmed by the ugliness and the magnitude of organized evil, especially when it is committed by community leaders like respected physicians.

  • Son of Mendel

    In the 21st century, harvesting eggs and collecting sperm is part and parcel of the work of breeding/engineering superior humans. We have bred better dogs, horses, cattle, pigs and birds. It’s time to apply that advanced knowledge of breeding to the Naked Ape, the ultimate animal, us. FYI, There is no god.
    Can you imagine the improvements to the human race? Runners that will make Usain Bolt look like a plow horse. Thousands of engineered people with photographic memories. Divisions of armies, each soldier with the strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger but with absolutely no ability to feel pain or fear! Having the same eye acuity as hawks because their eye gene will be that of a hawk.
    It will be glorious! It will not be a place for fools that believe in sky fairies….

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I honestly can’t tell: Are you serious, or are you being facetious?

  • Iota

    Just in case you aren’t being sarcastic (I’m hoping for that – Mendel, besides being the father of genetics was also, after all, an Augustinian friar): woe to a people who forget history, for they will repeat it’s mistakes and crimes.

    “Advancement in breeding of the Naked Ape” has a very short name: eugenics. And it has a history.

    Also, remember that pigs, horses, cats, pig and cows are slaughtered, if they do not meet a breeder’s criteria. Are you ready to be slaughtered, in the name of “advancement in breeding to the Naked Ape”, Son of Mendel? (This is a completely honest question.)

  • Alex Silva

    I love that you couldn’t resist trying to connect this to gay people, its horrifying stuff though to be sure, nothing more dangerous than a doctor who isnt interested in your health

  • Alex Silva

    wait what? who cares. Sperm donation isn’t dangerous, and its just the same as woman being choosy about who she marries and has kids with, except now in-vitro pregnant women can pick who they “mated” with as well

  • Rebecca Hamilton

    Thank you.