Obama Obama Don’t You Care? Christian Blood Everywhere!


Two hundred Coptic Christians demonstrated in Nashville for peace in Egypt a few days ago. God bless them.

Here is the video.

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  • Dale

    Why would President Obama care when the American public doesn’t care?

    Oh sure, we might complain or wring our hands online, or pontificate on
    some windbag television or radio show, but what are we actually doing
    about it? Where is the pressure on Congress to allow more refugees into
    the US? Where are the church-based programs to evacuate Syrians or
    Egyptians to safety? What are we doing to make sure that persons in
    refugee camps are living with some standard of decency?

    These things don’t exist because we don’t care. At least, we don’t care
    enough to get off our butts and do something. If we really care, we
    need to stop talking and start doing. Organize to put political
    pressure on Congress to bring more refugees to the US (something we
    didn’t do with Iraqi Christians, despite the similar situation). Contact
    international aid organizations to see what we, as individuals, can do
    to help. Organize in our churches to raise awareness of the need to
    physically help, beyond prayers (which are needed) and empty jawboning
    (which isn’t needed.) We need to -be- the change we want to see.

    At the very least, send some money to help. Frank Weathers, another
    blogger here at Patheos, recently recommended sending donations to the
    Catholic Near East Welfare Association. It is a Vatican program to
    provide aid to the Christians in that part of the world. Cardinal
    Timothy Dolan is the chairman and treasurer.

    To learn more:


    To donate specifically to help the Coptic Christians in Egypt:

  • FW Ken

    Dale’s comment sent me looking for what relief efforts might be going but isn’t being report. The quick answer is : not much. However, I did find an interesting viewpoint, from a Coptic Catholic bishop, which is that civil war is not imminent, the insurgency is a small vocal minority, and that Muslim/Christian relationships are strong. It’s an interesting piece.


  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    When you consider what happened to the Iraqi Christians while Iraq was physically occupied and under the complete political control of the USA under the devout Methodist, George W.Bush, I can’t imagine why you should think that Obama, whose Christianity is marginal at best and who has a sentimental view of Islam that comes from happy childhood memories, should even try to protect Christians in a country where he has no influence at all. Of course, the fact that he has no influence at all over Egypt is due to his own disastrous policies, due in turn to his sentimental and ignorant view of Islam, but nonetheless he has a better excuse than the devout Methodist ever had.