Good News. Bad News. Confusing News.

First the good news.

Syria said it would abide by an international treaty banning chemical weapons

Now the bad news.

But it linked this to demands that the United States stop threatening military strikes and arming the rebels in the Syrian civil war. Secretary of State John Kerry rejected these demands.

And finally, the confusing news. 

Which is not so much news as a question: Why are we arming the rebels in Syria? Which leads to another question: Doesn’t this indicate that the real reason for wanting to fire missiles at Syria was to help the rebels win the war and not because of chemical weapons?

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  • Dave

    Very good questions, Rebecca. Why are we arming the rebels?

    • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

      The only way I can make sense of it – and mind you, this is only an attempt to find rationality into what looks more like folly laced with corruption – is this. This administration has from the beginning followed two capital mistakes: ONE,that mass revolts in the Muslim world would be inherently democratic and lead to improved governance, as though the Middle East in 2013 were the same as the Thirteen Colonies in 1776; and second, that the Muslim Brotherhood, being a mass party, must have an interest in multi-party democracy. It has supported the Brotherhood to the hilt, in Egypt and elsewhere, while opposing other Muslim political groupings; and it supported the Syrian revolt merely because it was a revolt.

      Mind you, the answer is probably simpler and nastier. The Syrian rebels are armed and paid for by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and the influence of Saudi Arabia in the District of Columbia is vast.

  • CathyLouise

    Rebecca, you’re showing your common sense again…

  • Sus_1

    Why are we arming the rebels in Syria?

    The United States manufactures the most guns. I’m sure that is connected somehow.

    • TheodoreSeeber

      Nope, we’re arming the rebels with soviet weapons. The rabbit hole goes very deep.

    • D. A. Christianson

      I wish it had that much common sense in it. The picture I’ve seen look mostly like Kalashnikovs and such. Soviet bloc weapons, probably fro Libya.

      Why are we doing this? I haven’t a clue, and I don’t think anybody has a plan either.