There is No Plan B


Jesus Christ.

Controversial yesterday.

Controversial today.

Controversial forever.

YouTube Preview Image

The Murderers Got Away With It.
The Story of the Armenian Genocide
Muslim Refugees Throw Christian Refugees Overboard into the Sea
HHS Mandate Loses Another Round with the Supremes
  • Bill S

    That is a disturbing video. I much prefer the American Dream to the message being portrayed by this video. It concerns me that you offer a video like this as a representation of your worldview. It is creepy.

    • hamiltonr

      Since atheism is essentially self worship, I’m not surprised you feel this way.

      • Bill S

        Just imagine for a moment that the atheists are right and watch the video. You’ll see what I mean.

  • FW Ken

    I had a professor who said that the real American religion is semi-pelagianism, but that was 25 years ago. I’m thinking we are advanced up to full-blown pelagianism.