What We Need: Divine Mercy


I pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet every Friday. I also pray the main prayer after Communion. It is a beautiful prayer of atonement and Christ’s unending mercy towards us.

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  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    Wonderful video. Yes, we are all in such need of Divine Mercy. When I’m home on a Friday I try to get over to our 24 hour adoration chapel where at 3 PM we pray a communal Divine Mercy Chaplet. I incorporate the main prayer (the “Eternal Father” passage) in my daily prayers. I hope I haven’t been too much of a pain in our recent disagreements. Forgive me if I have. God bless.

    • hamiltonr

      I’m glad you’re here Manny. War and rumors of war makes people passionate. If it didn’t, we’d all be brain dead.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Somebody else certainly thought so. I had reason to go to two different parishes this past Sunday, and there were Divine Mercy prayer cards at both.

  • FW Ken

    A friend and I used to sing the Chaplet during Holy Hour on Wednesday night, then one Divine Mercy Sunday, we sang it at all the Masses, including Spanish Mass. Imagine me, singing in Spanish.