Culture of Death News

Buckle your seat belts.

The list below contains a few headlines from the culture of death. Look at them and remember why we fight this fight.


Wendy Davis, winner of the Texas pro choice filibuster, runs for Governor

UK Takes Step Toward Three-Parent Babies

Belgian Transsexual Dies of Euthanasia After Botched Sex Change Surgery

Number of Dutch Deaths by Euthanasia Rises by 13% 


Abortion  Contracts and $45,000 for abortions

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When It Comes to Caring for Your Parent with Dementia, You are Alone.
Ds Win: Senate Sex Trafficking Bill Will Pay for Abortions.
HHS Mandate Loses Another Round with the Supremes
Killing Grandma to Kiss the Zeitgeist.
  • Dale

    “UK Takes Step Toward Three-Parent Babies” refers to the decision of the UK government to draft regulations which would allow two women to share in the genetic composition of a child. The decision was announced at the end of June, and is expected to be debated in Parliament next year. A round of public consultation is due to be scheduled before that, however a previous round of public consultation suggested that broad support exists for the procedure if careful regulation is involved.

    The controversial procedure involves IVF and cloning. It aims to prevent inherited diseases involving defective mitochondria, which are the cell’s powerhouse. The procedure removes the nuclear material from the birth mother, except for the mother’s mitochondria. The mother’s material is then inserted into a donor egg, from another woman, in which all nuclear material has been removed except for its mitochondria. Because nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA are unique from one another, the procedure is intended to allow a birth mother to pass on her nuclear DNA without passing on her defective mitochondrial DNA. If I remember correctly, the nuclear DNA is approximately 98% of a cell’s total DNA.

    (BTW, Mitochondria are maternally inherited, the father’s mitochondria are not passed on to his children.)

    A recent article in the prestigious journal Science argues that it is too early to use this procedure in humans The argument, presented by three authors, is that there are extensive interactions between mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA, and that using donor mitochondria may have long-term consequences that are not yet understood.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    You remember what I said about Wendy Davies and her filibuster, when it happened?

    • hamiltonr

      Yes. You were a prophet. :-)

      • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

        Didn’t take too much. And I did not even know that she was in danger of losing her seat to rezoning at the time. The thing is, from all I know about Texas, she is not likely to win, but if she manages her attempt wisely (I mean wisely in a political meaning – probably in the way you or I would find repulsive) she will confirm the national fame she received with the filibuster, and be a politician of national status. Or, as someone suggested, a top media commentator, like Stephanopoulos. Huckabee, or Sarah Palin.

        • hamiltonr

          I think you’re right. There’s a cushy job waiting for her somewhere. And her run for governor will polarize Texas politics around this one issue.

  • Sus_1

    The article about the Belgian transsexual is really sad. What a tragic situation.

    • pagansister

      I totally agree. He was unwanted at birth and paid for it throughout his life. His “mother” seems to be a very cold, uncaring person, from what was mentioned in the article. Hopefully he is now at peace.